Fading Memories,

.:‘I promise, I’ll always be your friend, no matter what happens’. Why do people make promises that they can’t keep? When Louis Tomlinson was 3 years old, he moved to London, where he met Harry Styles, ever since then they have been best friends; they we’re like brothers, they pretty much grew up together, going through elementary school & middle school together and now they are in their 2nd year of high school. What happens when they start to drift apart? What happens when Louis becomes Mr Popular and Harry is left behind, will they end up becoming friends again? Or will the memories they had be forgotten?


2. Awkwardness

-Harry’s P.O.V-

Ugh. Why do we have to go to his house for dinner?! It’s bad enough I have to see him at school. Now I have to go to his house?! Atleast I will have Niall and Zayn with me. ‘’Wait, so let me get this straight. We are going to Louis Tomlinson’s house for dinner tonight?’’ Zayn asks with a confused look on his face.  Zayn and Niall didn’t know that I use to be best friends with Louis. Groaning, I nod my head. ‘’why are we going to his house for dinner?’’ Niall asks with a raised eyebrow.  ‘’Well, you see. My mum and his mum are quiet good friends. And well, me and Louis were like brothers. Then I came out to him and we haven’t talked since’’ I say with a sad look on my face. I walked over to my wardrobe and pull out one of my boxes that says ‘HARRY AND LOUIS’ on it. I pull out the teddy bear that Louis got me for my 5th Birthday. ‘’He got me this for my 5th Birthday’’ I say handing the bear to my 2 friends. When they read it, they face me with a sympathetic look on their faces. A few minutes passes and I’m still looking through all the old things; drawings, pictures and other things that we did together. I start to tear up and quickly wipe my eyes before the boys see me. ‘’Harry….’’ Niall starts to talk ‘’I’m so sorry, why didn’t you tell us earlier? You know you can tell us everything’’ He finishes. ‘’I’m sorry guys’’ I say getting up from my spot on the floor, walking over to Zayn to get my bear. ‘’I just wanted to forget about it, you know? He was my best friend I just thought he would have taken it better’’ With a sigh, I put the bear back into the box and shove the box back into my wardrobe.

-Louis P.O.V-

‘’Anne and Harry are coming over for dinner tonight’’ My mum says as I walk into the kitchen and walk to the fridge to get a drink. ‘’Harry is bringing two of his friends over’’ she finishes.  Oh cool. Maybe tonight I can finally work things out with Harry.

-2 hours later + Harry’s P.O.V- (Sorry if I’m changing P.O.Vs a lot L )

2 hours pass and we are now on the Tomlinson’s door step. Mum goes up first and knocks on the door.

‘’Why hello there’’ Lottie, Louis’ little sister says. ‘’Hi Lottie’’ mum replies. ‘’Come in’’ Lottie says moving aside so we could get through. ‘’Thanks, Lottie’’ I mumble.

We walk into the living room and I see Fizz, Louis’ second oldest sister, playing with the twins, wow, they have grown so much. They turn to see me ‘’HARRY’’ they all call out. Smiling, I open my arms. ‘’I girls’’ I say, while they hug me. ‘’Haven’t seen you three in a while’’. ‘’Why don’t you come around anymore, Harry?’’ Fizz asks with a sad look on her face, she must really miss me. ‘’Well, I – I uh –‘’ I get cut off by Jay; Louis’ mum saying ‘’Harry dear, it’s been too long’’ – I will agree with her, it has ‘’Yeah, it has, it’s been way too long’’

For the last five minutes, I have been talking to Jay about how school has been – leaving out the negative things – that’s when Louis walks into the room. Oh my god, I miss him so much. Sighing inwardly, I only just hear what Jay says. ‘’Lou, it’s not quiet time for dinner yet, why don’t you take Harry and his friends up to your room’’ it’s more like a command, not a question. ‘’Yes mum’’ he mumbles. He starts walking to the stares and turns back to me, Niall and Zayn, ‘’you three coming or what?’’ He asks, slightly amused. ‘’I don’t bite – You should remember that, Haz.’’ ‘’Don’t call me that’’ I say through gritted teeth. Sighing he just continues to walk upstairs, with me, Niall and Zayn (who are oddly really quiet) following behind.

When I walked into his room, I looked around. It’s changed so much – well, Harry, it has been 3 years since you have been here, I say to myself – Still looking around, I notice something on his bed. Walking over I gasp. Eyes widening when I see it – It-it can’t be? ‘’Remember when I got you the same one, Haz- I mean Harry’’ Lou says from behind me. ‘’I – I didn’t think you would still have it’’ I mumble. Too shocked to say anything. ‘’Of course I would still have it, you’re my best friend – even if we don’t talk anymore’’ He whispers. My breathing hitches in my throat – w-what? No, he can’t do that. ‘’Well, if I was you’re best friend how come when I told you I was gay you said nothing?’’ I almost yelled at him. ‘’I-I-you didn’t me enough time, Harry! I just can’t get my head around my best friend since I was 4 telling me he’s gay! Harry, I have nothing against you being gay – I-I just didn’t expect you being gay’’ He says, trying to keep his voice steady. I was about to say something back when I remember that Niall and Zayn are still in the room. I turn to them, their eyes so wide, as if not believing what just happen. ‘’I-Niall, Zayn, I’m sorry you had to see that’’ I whisper, they shake their heads, still shocked. I sigh walking over to the nearest wall and sliding down it.


Dinner was awkward – It was me sitting next to Zayn, and Niall. But sitting across from me was Louis, sitting next to him was My mum, Lottie and Fizz, Down next to Niall was Daisy and at the end of the table Jay and Phoebe.

After dinner was done – and after our mums had about an hour and a half long convocation – it was finally time to go home and get away from this awkwardness.

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