Fading Memories,

.:‘I promise, I’ll always be your friend, no matter what happens’. Why do people make promises that they can’t keep? When Louis Tomlinson was 3 years old, he moved to London, where he met Harry Styles, ever since then they have been best friends; they we’re like brothers, they pretty much grew up together, going through elementary school & middle school together and now they are in their 2nd year of high school. What happens when they start to drift apart? What happens when Louis becomes Mr Popular and Harry is left behind, will they end up becoming friends again? Or will the memories they had be forgotten?


1. Oh no.

Chapter 1 – Harry’s P.O.V / Flashback-

 ‘’HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY HAZZABEAR!’’ Little 5 year old Louis Tomlinson screams while running into the curly haired 5 year olds bedroom. ‘’BOOBEAR, YOU’RE HERE!’’ Harry says with a grin on his face ‘’Of course I’m here, Hazza. Why would I miss my bestest best friends 5th birthday?!’’ Louis replies, walking over to the birthday boy. ‘’I got you something to play with’’ he says handing Harry a gift wrapped up with a blue bow on it. Harry carefully opens the gift and gasps as he sees his present. It’s a teddy bear that says ‘Haz+Lou 4ever’ on it. ‘’I have a matching bear so we will always have something that will remind us that we will always be friends forever’’ Louis says walking over to Harry to see if he likes his gift. ‘’Boobear, this is the best gift I have ever got. Thank you’’ Harry says while hugging Louis really tight.

-13 years later-

I walk down the school hallway with my headphones in and Ed Sheeran blasting through them

‘She’s like cold coffee in the morning’ I hum along not paying attention to anybody in the hallway until I bump into someone I wish I didn’t…..I look up to see the one and only, Louis Tomlinson. Yes, Louis. The same Louis I was best friends with, we we’re pretty much like brothers. ‘’I’m sorry’’ I mumble keeping my head down, trying for him not to see me. ‘’Harry?’’ he asks. Shit. ‘’Oh, Hi Louis’’ you see, over the years me and Louis have begun to drift apart. I think it all started when we started High School and I told him I was gay; Yes. I, Harry Styles, am gay. ‘’Are you okay Haz?’’ I wince at the nickname that use to sound so right coming from him mouth, now it sounds so….so….unnatural. ‘’Yeah, just fine’’ I mumble again. The bell rings and I sight with relief. ‘’Bye Harry’’ he says before walking away with his friends. Sighing again, I walk into English. When I get in there, my best friends; Niall and Zayn are in the back. You see, Zayn was my best friend a few months after I came out as gay; he moved here from Bradford because he recently told his friends and family that he was bisexual and was getting bullied at his school so his family decided to send him to Doncaster. A few months passed and Niall moved here from Ireland. His dad got a promotion in his job so his family had to move here. Since then, Niall and Zayn have also had a…..Closer bond then the rest of us. They have now been dating for a few months, I’m really happy for them. They seem really cute together. I snap back to reality walking up to the two love birds that are now in a current make out session in the back corner of the class room. ‘’Ew guys, get a room’’ I groan and they both pull apart. ‘’Shut up, Styles.’’ Zayn says send me a playful glare. Niall slaps his arm and says ‘’Now Zaynie, leave our little Hazzaboo over here alone. Just because he hasn’t been getting any lately’’ Niall chuckles when he finishes. I send him a glare and he just laughs.  ‘’Shut up, Leprechaun.’’. The teacher walks in after I say that.   She starts to talk but half way through she gets cut off by the door slamming open and yeah, Louis Tomlinson walking through.

-Louis P.O.V-

It’s been ages since I last talked to Harry. I miss him, a lot. It’s sad how people can go from being so close they are pretty much like family to not talking.

I tried talking to him today, for the first time. He didn’t say much. Sigh. I think it’s when he told me he was gay and I didn’t say anything back. He ran out before I got the chance to even say anything, and since now in high school we barely see each other and I’m busy with football and other things, and he’s busy with his music. I see him around with them Malik and Horan kids. Sighing, I walk into English. When I get there, my teacher asks me to step outside of class, so I do. While I’m waiting there I text Liam

LiLi, I already have been sent outta class and I only walked in L -Lou xx

It’s a few minutes before I get a reply.

Lou, what have I told you. You have to start to be responsible. –Li  xx

Sighing, I put my phone away and then the teacher walks out. ‘’Louis, do you know why I told you to stay out here?’’ she asks. I’ve never really liked this teacher; She’s a bitch.

‘’No Mrs S. Please enlighten me on why I am here.’’  I was with sarcasm dripping from my voice. She just rolls her eyes. ‘’You are moving to another English class. Miss  Flack’s class. Have fun.’’ She gives me a note and then tells me to go.

I walk to Miss Flack’s class; not very happy. Oh wait, Isn’t Josh in that class? Should text and ask him. I get my phone out and text him.

Joshieee. Are you in Miss Flack’s English class now? –Lou x

It only takes a few minutes before he replies.

Yeah, I am. Why? –Joshh x

Mrs S is sending me to that class now, think she got sick of me in her class L anyway, see ya soon. –Lou. X

Aha, alright. See ya soon buddy. –Josh. X

So I have one of my good friends in that class. Josh is dating Liam, they have been dating for a few years now. I think they we’re the first gay couple in the school. And since me and Liam are pretty much best friends ever since me and Harry don’t talk anymore.

I finally get to the class room and walk in. I give the note to the teacher and she sighs. ‘’Class. Listen up, we have a new addition to our class.’’ Even though I’m not new to the school, everyone’s eyes we’re on me, except one curly haired boy. I smirk to myself knowing that if I sit next to him he will atleast have to say something to me.  I walk up to him. ‘’Can I sit here?’’ I ask, he looks up and his eyes widen in shock. He just nods his head. Smirking, I sit down next to my old best friend.

-Harry’s P.O.V-

After English, the day goes pretty quick and before I know it, I’m walking down the street with my two best friends just talking about random shit.

About 6 minutes later, we get to my house; every day after school, Niall and Zayn always come over to my house and just chill. Today way no different. When we walk into my house, my mum was standing there. ‘’Harry, I told you not to be late. We’re going somewhere tonight’’. Shit, I forgot.

‘’Mum, where ever we are going, can Niall and Zayn come?’’ I ask, giving her my best puppy dog face. She sighs in defeat. ‘’I guess. It’s won’t be much drama.’’ ‘’THANK YOU MUMMA.’’ I say and Zayn, Niall and I all start to walk up the stairs. ‘’OH, mum, where are we going?’’ I ask, curious. ‘’We’re going to the Tomlinson’s for dinner’’ she replies with a grin on her face. I’m frozen, I can’t move. This can’t be….

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