-~-SEQUEL TO DEPRESSION AND ONE DIRECTION. -~- after Emily (more known as Jess) marries none other than, Niall Horan, things get rough with their twins. With the band STILL going for almost 5 years, and more popular than ever, how will Jess deal with the kids?? Will the bumps is the road turn into hills?? Will there be two new single parents?? Or, will their love survive from 100,000 miles away? Can Jess surpress her horrendous, depressing, life?? Learn the hard things in a marriage. Learn the easy things too. Will Shane re-appear?? Will Harry's feelings come back? And for who? Jess, or Vhicktoria??


3. Maybe??

I must ask this to Niall. I want to... But I don't want him to think that it'll be to much... I should just come out with it... But what if he thinks I'm pushing it?!?! AHHH!!! I've got to do it. But I can't but I ha- "Babe, are you ok?"Shit. I haven't decided yet. Well here goes noth- "Babe?"Niall asked again. "Hey Niall..." I started. "Something wrong babe?" "No!! God, no. But I was wondering..." "Yes?..."He urged "I-I want to adopt. A-A teenager."I don't know why it was so hard to get out. I didn't want to make it hard... Didn't want to push him I guess. "Ok." "Let's go find our child!!"I was excited. We made our way out and to the adoption center. We get there and we ask for children ages 13-17. At 18 they let them out on their own. So we got a look book. We found this beautiful 15-year-old named Sarah-Beth Jayana Brown. Me and Ni-Bug like her. So we got to meet her. Even more beautiful in person. She has beautiful Auburn red hair, long and curly. 5'8" and all legs. Green eyes. Quite tan. Intellegant. She is very kind. "Hello."She said "Hello, Love!"Me and Niall said in unison. So we talked. We want her."Would you like to be our daughter?!" "Well!! I WOULD LOV-"She started enthusiactically. "NO!! NO WAY!!! YOU CANNOT TAKE HER!!! DO NOT SEND ME AWAY FROM MY SISTER. I... I love her."Her brother said."I am Aaron Lee Brown. Sarah's brother." "Aaron!! I was almost adopted!! Then you stepped in!! I love you too.."She said running to him. I think they were twins. Green eyes. Auburn hair. He looked about 5'7" though. Maybe we can take him too... "Yeah!!"Niall said. "‘Yeah!!!’, what??" "Yes. We should take him as well. Aaron was smiling like crazy. AARON'S P.O.V. Wow. Wow. My sis was in an interview one second, then she's leaving, then I protest, now I'm leaving with them. Wow. Wow. Wow...
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