-~-SEQUEL TO DEPRESSION AND ONE DIRECTION. -~- after Emily (more known as Jess) marries none other than, Niall Horan, things get rough with their twins. With the band STILL going for almost 5 years, and more popular than ever, how will Jess deal with the kids?? Will the bumps is the road turn into hills?? Will there be two new single parents?? Or, will their love survive from 100,000 miles away? Can Jess surpress her horrendous, depressing, life?? Learn the hard things in a marriage. Learn the easy things too. Will Shane re-appear?? Will Harry's feelings come back? And for who? Jess, or Vhicktoria??


2. Acting Like Certain Idiots...

So my kids are now 5... Which means its time for them to understand their personalitys. Micky takes after his father and Bell takes after her improved side of her mom. Annabella decided to bring her friend home today!! Great... Gracie Corrin Mafia. Aka~ Vhicktoria's daughter. At least Michael had nice friend. Like Blake Tomlinson. At least everybody is married. Me and Liam are related now!! He didn't marry the cousin he found at our wedding. Now he's dating my other cousin, Shayleigh Nicole. She preferes Nikki. So they have children. A gurl and boy. 4 years apart. Older boy~ Jhonny blake Payne Younger girl~ Lydia Judith Payne. Zayn found a young girl named Abbey Rennê. They have a girl. Kristen Ma'Laysia. He broke it off with Perrie. Harry isn't married. He's mad. He is dating... Just not at the moment. So, I get a call from Bell and Mikey's school for both of them. Second month of school and they already bloody got in trouble. Mikey for acting like Harry and he HIT ON HIS TEACHER. THE BOY'S BUM WILL GLOW IN THE SUN!!! I just hate spanking them... Maybe 30 in time out, yeah?? And Bella took after her father. Laughed at EVERYTHING!!! So she disrupted the class. They are asking me to pick them up. This, apparently, is the fifth time that's happened. Lets just say I'm pissed a bit...
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