Twinkle In His Eyes

*Imagine With Harry Styles' Accent*

Erm... so... basically... this is Chelsea_Rena's one shot for the One Direction Valantines Day competition. Erm... Please take some time to check it out, comment your thoughts and like. Try and get this movella noticed, pleased! Thaaaaannnnkkkkk yooooooouuuuu!


1. My One Shot

"You'll be fine!" My best friend re-assured, patting me softly on the back. I gulped; this was the first time in history Jessica Lloyd was going on a blind date. I was never the romantic type, but my friend, Kaye, insisted...

He has a really cute cousin that has just moved here! Isn't this great? Please, do it for me! I can't go on Valentine's date without you!

I took once glance in the bathroom mirror and nodded at my reflections, ready to meet my blind date but terribly nervous. What if he doesn't like me? What if he isn't prepared? What if he's a total jerk? I shook the troubled thoughts out of my head and stepped out of the ladies room. My heels clicked as we made our way across the club, the music not as loud as it could reach due to bingo night at the senior centre across the road. I soon spotted Matt standing with his alleged brother. He looked so... handsome! He had perfect blonde hair and gorgeous blue eyes that seemed as though you were swimming in the blue sea. I could see him with his hands stuffed into his khaki jeans, also wearing a black jumper and a white top accessorizing with white Nikes. This guy looked... perfect!

"Hey, I'm Niall..." He introduced, feeling quite nervous and extending his arm for a handshake.

I generously accepted, "Jess." I replied, managing my biggest smile, "Is that Irish I hear?"

"Yeah. I come from an Irish background. I just moved here from Mullingar." Niall stated, bobbing his head up and down, "We came to London because my brother Greg was accepted into a university here."

"Nice!" I acknowledged as Kaye slung an arm around Matt, grinning like a Cheshire cat, "Well you two have fun! Matt and I are going to dance!" And before I could get a word in, Kaye was gone with the wind and crawled into the overcrowded dance floor.

Niall soon ushered me over to an empty booth and we both got to know each other. He was such a sweetheart and not once was he ever rude or get distracted; he was so intrigued to know more about me. I was eager to know more about him. Niall was so comfortable to talk with, and he had such a funny way of talking. Apart from his accent, he would always pop in the funny remarks and I would always laugh. He was so different from Matt. Matt was laid back and wasn't much of a big talker. Niall was just so hyperactive and fun to be around. Matt liked to skate and Niall liked to sing. It was certainly the best first blind date ever.

It was the end of the night that Niall had to leave. We had somehow got torn from Kaye and Matt and I offered to drive Niall home. Matt could drive and he would probably take Kaye back to his place for a bit of fun. Niall and I both piled into my 1993 Nissan Altima and the drive to Niall's gave me an opportunity to talk a bit more. We played twenty questions and got to about seven each until I pulled into Niall's driveway. I strolled with him up to his front porch and smiled. "I'll ring you tomorrow..." He whispered as his face was just inches from mine. He curled a loose lock of hair behind my ear and kissed me gently on my cheek. I felt all warm and fuzzy inside and blushed madly; never had I felt this way about a boy before. I hugged him good night and dawdled back to my car, where I could drive home, happy about the night. I will never forget the twinkle that lasted the whole night in Niall's eye.

* *

It's been three years since I saw my favorite Irishmen. He never called, never texted... He never even asked his cousin to pass on a message before Kaye broke up with Matt. I begged her not to but she couldn't stand being with him because he was all about skating.

"If you want a man, you've got to let him treat you well, Jessica." Kaye quoted, forgetting about her ex boyfriend the next day.

I tried to meet up with Matt, but he never wanted to talk with me. He now hated Kaye, furious that she would break up with him because of his hobby. Now I'm nineteen, living in an apartment with no view for the future. My parents couldn't afford for me to go to collage, which I understood. They're living with Grandma and Grandpa know until they get back on track with their finance troubles.

My parents have urged me to get a boyfriend and live a happy life, so I could one day have a husband of my own. Kaye signed me up to a dating site and now I'm hooked. I've met this really nice guy (who's claiming to be my age) called luckoftheirish93. That's his username anyway, but he just likes to be called James. It's crazy because on these dating websites I'm terribly shy whilst in reality I'm just really out going. The downer is that he's Irish and he might never match Niall, the boy from the club.

One day, I truly started to freak out. James asked me on a Valentines date and I was so unprepared. We had only been talking for three months and now he wanted to meet me in person. I was so nervous, more terrified of meeting James then what I was like meeting Niall. My brain told me to be careful, but my heart told me that everything would be fine. Kaye helped me get ready for my date by picking out an outfit and helping with my make up.

"He's going to be your perfect match, I can assure you..." Kaye re-assured, driving me to the destination.

I bit my lip nervously, "What if he's not? What if Niall was my perfect match?"

Kaye raised an eyebrow, still keeping focused behind the wheel,"Who's Niall?"

"Just... Don't worry..." I teased, slapping Kaye gently on the back of the head.

"Ow!" She whined, "Do you want me to crash this car?"

I laughed slowly and Kaye soon pulled up at Starbucks, where James and I would meet for the first time. Nerves took over my whole body and every bone shook. What if he isn't nineteen? What if he's older? What if he doesn't have respect? What if he thinks I'm ugly? What if he won't be as perfect natured as Niall? Kaye grabbed my hand and smiled directly at me, "You'll be fine,"

I nodded, gulping. I stepped into Starbucks and a small bell rang to indicate I was here. It wasn't as busy as usual, it was quite empty. Meet me at the back booth, near the painting. I strutted over to the bench where I was allocated to sit, soon spotting the painting of two angels surrounding a cup of coffee. I rolled my eyes at its funny humor and soon strolled up next to the bench. James sat peacefully, waiting for me to arrive, staring out the window and off into space.


James spun his neck around to me and smiled. He looked so familiar, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. He shuffle hurriedly out of the booth and stood up to greet me, "Hi, Jessica?"

I nodded, "Yeah, but you can call me Jess. Happy Valentines Day!" I grinned, wrapping my arms around him in a friendly manner and then pulling away. He had blonde hair styled up into a messy quiff and striking blue eyes. He wore a white print t-shirt with a grey jacket and denim jeans, with bright white Nikes.

We both slid into the booth and James began, "I was beginning to think you weren't going to make it. All of my mates urged me to make an account and I was so nervous talking to you online. Now here you are!"

"Really? Same here! You chose a really nice Starbucks, I used to come here all the time when I was a kid..." I whispered, gaping at how long it's been since I've been here. My gaze soon reconnected with James' and I couldn't help but stare.

"Is everything alright?" James asked, a laugh escaping his lips.

I shook my head in disbelief and narrowed my eyes, "I'm sorry, it's just you look so familiar. I can't put my finger on it..."

James shrugged innocently, "I get that reaction from people all the time. It must be my sexy face."

I giggled and placed my handbag beside me. James soon perked up, "Oh yeah! I already ordered a Caramel Macchiato for you, because I remember you saying that you liked sweet."

"Thank you! That's actually my favourite drink on the menu!" I exclaimed, clasping my hands together, "You really know how to please a girl, James...?"

"Horan. James Horan." He smiled, making my heart explode. James was perfect! I knew Niall was, but James seemed just like him after I talked with him. His personality was the same and he just looked so alike to him. We soon exited the coffee shop after we finished our drinks and headed to the movie to watch "Silver Lining's Playbook". It was certainly a date to remember. After the movie drew to a close, it was close to right which meant dinner. We had a candlelit dinner by the beach, full of seafood and salads. The food was absolutely divine and was to die for. I almost asked for seconds but I didn't want to be rude. We soon left the fancy restaurant and strolled along the beach with gelato ice cream, digging our toes into the sand. The clock soon struck eleven and fireworks exploded into the sky. Vibrant red, purples and pinks danced across the moonlit night and some exploded into heart shapes. James pulled me close and we kissed passionately for who knows how long, then pulling away. I stared into his eyes and a familiar twinkle blinked across his sea-like pupils.

"You're not James... aren't you?" I murmured, a smirk creeping onto my face.

James grinned madly, sending chills to run up and down my spine, "And you're Jessica Lloyd."

I blushed and bowed my head to shuffle my feet in the sand, "I missed you, Niall." I whispered, soon wrapping my arms around him.

Valentines Day. The day I met my husband and lived happily ever after.

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