A Blessing in Disguise ( A Harry Styles Fan Fiction )

My moms gone.I guess you could say the same with my father too.I've had the worst couple of months,and to make matters worse,I have to move around the world because my dad doesn't want me staying alone at home.My dad was sent off to Iraq for the war and I have no other relatives than my cousin,Louis.Yes for all of you girls screaming behind your computer screen right now,my cousin is Louis Tomlinson.I love Louis like a brother but I'm not too stoked about moving to London England to stay with 5 teenage boys that are more immature than a five year old.Something else I wasn't excited about was the "flirt" to fall head over heels for me...


1. Prologue

"We are gathered here today to mourn the death of the loved,Marie Shadow."

I could feel the tears threatening to spill from my tear ducts.It had been almost a week since my mother passed away in a car accident.I'd cried for hours and days on end.

It was of course raining here in Washington as some of my mothers close relatives weeped over her newly dug grave.

I watched the men lower her casket into the pit of dirt.It sliced my heart in half knowing my mother was in that box that validates death.

Tears slipped from my eyes like waterfalls.My father tightened his grip around my shoulders.I looked up at the strongly built tall man.It was the first time I had ever seen him cry.

My fingers were tightly laced around the umbrella handle.I thought maybe gripping the handle would help choke back my tears,but boy was I wrong.

My father and I just stood there looking at her casket.I began to have flashbacks of all the great moments I've had with my mother.I remember when she first showed me her drawings from when she was younger.It's kinda the reason I've become so obsessed with art.She's also the reason I love photography.I don't know what I'm gonna do with out my mother...

My dad is in the American Army.He just finished his basic trainint and everything.He's now waiting to get shipped to Iraq.Which,I already know is going to be the second worst day of my life...

I slowly reached down and took out a bundle of white lillies (my mom's favorite) out of my purse.I walked over and stood next to her grave.I placed them right infornt of her head stone.I wiped away a tear,pretending it was never there.I looked back at my father and gave him a small smile,telling him it was time to let her rest.I knew she was in a better place now.I knew,deep down that she would be perfectly fine.I knew that she would watch down on my and look out for my father while he is away at war.I knew,deep down that everything was going to be okay.

Or so I thought...

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