This I Promise You


8. Stupid Moves


I woke up the next morning at 6:45, so that I had time to do my hair, eat breakfast, feed the horses, make my lunch and then get dressed. I did everything as I normally did. Then at 7:40, me and my brother walked down the driveway to wait for our bus which arrived minutes later. The bus ride was about 25 minutes long, so for those 25 minutes I would listen to my Ipod and text people. Today I was wearing my black short shorts and my white crop top. It was my favourite because it was all lace at the back and I look really cute in it. And I also knew I did because when I walked into school wearing it, I would get checked out by all the older guys. Which I obviously didn’t mind. I was at my locker putting my stuff away when my friend Kristen came up beside me.

“Hey! How was your weekend?” Kristen was the happiest girl anyone could ever know, you knew something was very wrong when she wasn’t smiling. She had been my best friend for about 2 years now and I told her everything and she did the same.

“Kristen, I had the most amazing weekend of my life, but you can’t tell anyone about it ok?!” I knew that I could truly trust her when I said that. And that’s why she was the only one I was planning to tell.

“Ok, so this weekend you know how I went to the One Direction signing?” She nodded her head, I had been talking about that signing for months and each day I would tell her how many days are left.

“Well after they all signed my cd, Harry Styles called me back because Niall Horan wanted my number! And I went to dinner with them and then the next day went to interviews with them then they came over to my place for dinner!” The whole weekend was flashing through my mind like it happened 10 minutes ago. Kristen’s jaw hit the floor she could not believe what I had just told her.

“Wait he wanted your number!? Did he kiss you!?” Of course that was the first question she would ask.

“Almost, but my mom noticed so she knocked on the window and we had to go inside, but he promised that he would come and see me before he left. And I overheard him and Harry planning something. But I’m not too sure what it is, but as soon as I find out I will tell you” She nodded her head excitedly. We started walking down the halls when Allison started walking towards us. Me and Allison used to be friends but she started to get to winey and clinging so I just stopped talking to her and so now she really doesn’t like me. But she still likes Kristen. But Kristen does not like her, but she sort of has no choice but to talk to her because she has every class with her. But as soon as class if over she comes and finds me and ditches Allison.

“Hey!” Allison’s voice was way to high for my liking, which made her even more annoying.

“Hi” Said Kristen. Kristen was such a nice person she could never be straight up rude to her, but that was my favourite thing to do to someone if I didn’t like them. So I had no problem ignoring her.

“How was everyone’s weekend?” Kristen answered saying that hers was fine and I knew I had to say at least part of my weekend just to rub it a little bit.

“Hung out with One Direction and almost kissed Niall Horan, no big deal” I said it like it really wasn’t a big deal, but every time I said it, my heart started racing and replayed that moment in my mind over and over again. She looked at me like I had just spoken Chinese or something.

“Yeah, in your dreams” She rolled her eyes then started talking to Kristen. I knew that would happen, I had to find some way to prove it to her.

“I can prove it” I said suddenly. I wasn’t thinking straight, I was way too caught up about how to prove it to her that I did meet him.

“Yeah I’d like to see that” We stopped in the middle of the hall way and she was now standing right in front of me.

“Fine, after school in the foyer you will see” She was taking a few steps towards me trying to act tough but I knew darn well that she wasn’t. She was trying to intimidate me, stupid move. I loved playing the intimidation game. I took a step towards her and look her dead in the eye. Immediately she backed down and left. Kristen laughed at me, because my eyes just sparkled when I made her back down.

The rest of the day was easy, except for the part when I didn’t know how to prove to her that I did meet Niall. I couldn’t text him saying that I did. I was so stupid to do that; I had no way to prove it. If I showed her his number she wouldn’t believe me because I could easily make it someone else’s number and just say it was his.

It was the end of the day and I was at my locker getting my stuff and preparing to go to the foyer to meet Allison. I went to the foyer and saw her standing there trying to look cool. Honestly she just looked stupid, especially when she was standing there by herself because since me and her stopped being friends, she didn’t have that many anymore.

“So where is he? Oh wait, not here because you didn’t really meet him” She was pushing her luck. In the foyer there were some of my friends standing beside me and Allison talking in their own little group and some grade 12’s standing by the windows.

“Watch yourself” She was just looking for an argument now.

“Why can’t you just admit that all you do is run your mouth, and that you didn’t meet One Direction?” That’s it; she had crossed the line by a long shot.

“Me run my mouth? I think that would be you sweetheart. You just go looking for an argument from me. I don’t really understand why when you know darn well you’re going to lose.” That made her snap. She hated being told that she was going to lose something.

She dropped her purse then reached forward and shoved me back. Finally, she was actually trying to stick up for herself. Too bad she was still going to lose. I walked towards her and shoved her back and said.

“You really want to do this with me?” Everyone was staring at me and her, the grades 12’s were getting excited but my guy friends were preparing to grab me. But they knew I was strong, so they were going to need a few guys. But thank goodness there were no teachers in sight. I wasn’t a person who would go and pick a fight, but if I was involved in one I definitely was not going to back down.

She through her hand up in a fist and swung it towards me. I moved to the side and she missed and stumbled a few steps forward.

“Why don’t you just give up now? You’ve touched me once and you’re already falling flat on your face” She regained her balance and came at me and this time she meant business. She swung again and got my shoulder, I went at her and swung my fist and got her in the gut. She curled over and let out a moan, I was sure that was going to be all that it took. But she was feisty today. She was not going down without a real fight. The guys were now standing real close to me, prepared to grab me before I lunged. She kicked me in the shin and then tried to grab my hair but thank goodness it was in a bun so not much to grab. Once more she swung a fist but this time it made contact, right on the nose. I jumped on her, she was on the ground and I had her pinned, my nose was bleeding and I could feel that it was broken. She grabbed my hair and ripped out my bun; I swung a punch and got her on the jaw. I was going in for one more punch when someone grabbed my arm, and someone had their hands around my torso. I knew it wouldn’t be much longer before that happened. But I still pulled back; I squirmed to get out of their grip because she was still fighting. She knew that I was being held so she thought she would have a fair chance. She was dead wrong. My hands were being held tight so my legs were the only things free. I started swinging them and kicked her in the thigh. She reached up and was grabbing my side and hitting me. Whoever was holding me pulled me up and was trying to get me out of her clawing grip. As I was moving my head to get her hand out of my hair I saw blonde hair. It was Niall. He was holding me my hands, I looked to my left and there was Harry hands around my waist, and on the right was Zayn holding my other arm that was almost free.

“Hah! I told you!” I knew it wasn’t important at the time but it was proof. It was the proof I was looking for. My proof was holding me back from ripping this girls head off.

“Somebody get her off of MacKenzie!” Yelled Harry.

“No, let me go” I was squirming and next thing you know there was at least 7 people holding me back. Trying to hold back a 1300lbs animal made me pretty strong, and also trying to get him to do what I want made me pretty determined to get my way. I kept squirming and pulling and trying to tell them to let go, but for obvious reasons no one was listening.

“Let’s get her outside” Said Louis. The grabbed my feet and I was dragged outside. I looked at Allison, and it was only taking two guys to hold her back. She really wasn’t as tough as she looked.

“Let me go!” I was so fed up, too many people were holding me and my claustrophobia was kicking in.

They let me go except for Harry who still had his hands firm on my waist.

“Harry please” He gave me look that was telling me not to go back inside. I knew I wasn’t going to I realized that I no longer had any energy left. I wiped my nose and looked at my hand, my nose was still bleeding, and that stupid girl had broken it.

“What were you thinking?!” Niall was so upset with me. I didn’t blame him; I had never acted like that before. I had never gotten into a fight with someone. I was the quiet girl that everyone liked, but then again everyone knew that I could throw a good punch if I really wanted to.

“Boys get in the van” Paul was looking around noticing that people were starting to crowd around us.

Niall grabbed my hand and we got into the van, Liam passed me some tissues that Paul had passed to him.

“Thanks” I said. I took them and wiped my nose.

“Where did that come from?” Louis was looking at me trying not to laugh.

“She really pisses me off” I started laughing thinking back at how many guys were holding me back. And they were all big guys to boot.

“Did you see how many guys you had trying to hold you back?” This was just making Louis’s day. I and he were the only one’s laughing in van. Niall had not looked at me since we were outside.

“Niall? Niall I’m sorry, she has always bothered me and she just didn’t believe that I met you guys, or that you almost kissed me” I put my hand on his and was looking right at him waiting for him too look at me. Harry’s jaw dropped when I said he almost kissed me.

“Wait what did we miss?!” All of the boys wanted to know what happened.

“I’ll tell you later” Niall answered the boys, but he still wasn’t looking at me.

I hadn’t realized how tired I was until I actually thought about it. My eyes started to get heavy and I started to lean my head against Niall’s shoulder, thankfully he didn’t move so I could rest comfortably. I wasn’t fully asleep, but my eyes were not opening, but I could still hear the conversations that were going on around me.

“Don’t be mad at her” Said Liam. “If you think about it she was defending you, and fighting for you” I couldn’t see the look on Nialls face when Liam said that, but I was hoping that he was agreeing.

“I don’t want to see her get hurt. You don’t know how upset that made me to see that girl hit her” I could hear that Niall was really upset. “She has a broken nose Liam”

“Yeah she does, but the girl is tough, it took seven guys to pull her off of that girl. Because of you.” As Liam was explaining this, I could feel Niall turning his head to look at me.

The boys stopped talking and a few minutes later I actually fell asleep. Later I was woken up to Niall gently rubbing my shoulder telling me that we were at my place.

“MacKenzie, common were at your house” I slowly opened my eyes then sat up and stretched my back. I grabbed my purse and started to get out of the van with Niall following behind me. Before he closed the van door I turned around to the rest of the boys and said.

“I’m really sorry about today, but thanks for not letting me rip that girls head off” They all laughed then said it was no problem and that they hoped my nose felt better soon. Niall closed the door and the finally turned to face me.

“Niall I’m really sorry” I was not going to leave until I knew that we were ok.

“No I need to apologize; I shouldn’t have gotten mad at you.” It looked like he was going to say something else but he didn’t, he just leaned and gave me hug. I hugged him back and hoped that he would never let go.

“If you want, Il come get you after school tomorrow, only if you promise that when I get you, me and six other guys won’t be pulling you off someone” He laughed.

“Promise” Now I knew that I could leave. We were ok and I was going to see him again tomorrow.

“Now, I have to go and explain to my parents why I have a broken nose” I gave him one last hug then turned and started walking towards my house and Niall got back into the van. When I got to the porch I stopped and waved at the van as it left my driveway. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day.


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