This I Promise You


5. Hear Me Out?


“So that doesn’t look like any of your friends that I know” My mom’s eyes were a bright green, that was not a good sign. Normally my mom’s eyes were a blue-green, but when she got very mad they would change to a bright green. She was very angry with me.

“Well that’s because you have never met him before. You have seen him before like on pictures. And videos” I knew that if I did not start convincing her that it was a good thing, I would never be able to go out with Niall again tomorrow.

“Why don’t you keep avoiding this and tell me what happened today.” I looked at her eyes and thankfully they were slowly fading back to their normal colour.

“Well I went to the signing. Which was amazing by the way!” I said that with excitement hoping that would lighten the mood. “And then I was going to leave, then I was called back by. Harry Styles. Niall wanted my number so I gave it to him then left the building but was called back in again to go out for lunch with them. So we went to Pizza Hut. Ate lunch then I umm had a bit of a break down…” I really hoped she missed the last bit; she always got panicked about me going out knowing how severe my claustrophobia was.

“I’m sorry you had a what?!” Nope she didn’t miss it.

“Mom I’m fine! It was minor nothing major! We had to leave the place again so the boys sort of formed a circle around me so that I would get to nervous then they dropped me at home.” I knew I couldn’t avoid saying that I was going to hang out with him again, so I didn’t bother making any more excuses about it.

“And Niall invited me to hang out with them again tomorrow.” She didn’t answer me; she just turned and walked back into the house.

“Mom please! You can’t tell me I can’t go! How often do I get asked to go out with a celebrity? Oh yeah never!” I was sort of rethinking my last statement; I might have raised my voice a little too much there.

And by the look on my mom’s face, she was thinking the same thing.

“So where are you planning on going?” Maybe she was sort of thinking in my favour. Perhaps she was thinking that I really am a responsible person and that she knows I wouldn’t do anything stupid.

“Well he said they have interviews to do in the morning then after we would go out for lunch, he said he would come and get me around noon. Please mom, you know I will be so responsible, I will be texting you all day! So you will know what I am doing at every point during the day!” She was now pacing back and forth throughout the kitchen.

“You know what my problem is MacKenzie? That you lied to me! Why did you just tell me what happened while it was happening! You know you can tell me anything!” I was also not to sure why I just didn’t tell my mom what was happening, lying at the time seemed like my best option.

“Mom I’m sorry, I really am. I felt really bad after I did it, but at that point I couldn’t really take it back! But I am willing to take whatever punishment you give me. As long as it doesn’t interfere with me hanging out with Niall tomorrow.”

“Hey, if I want to give you a punishment I would make sure it would interfere with your plans tomorrow.” Her famous eyebrow was raised half way up her forehead. I knew anything I would say now would not work so I just let her think and then waited for a response.

“You can go tomorrow on one condition.”

“On what is that?” I was really nervous with what her condition was going to be.

“I want to meet him” Oh joy, mom wanting to meet him. Normally it would be a teenage girl’s dad who would be protective over his little girl. But not with me, it was the other way around. My mom was so over protective, and as soon as she heard about a boy, mama bear was on high alert.

“Well I would have to see about that”

“Sorry sweetheart, if you want to go out with him, then I have to meet him that’s the only way. And you can ask him, you have his number so go on ahead and ask him!” Shoot. I forgot about that part, she knew I had his number.

“Fine.” I pulled my phone out of my pocket and looked up his number.

Hey Niall, my mom says that the only way I can hang out tomorrow is if she gets to meet you. Is that possible?

I sent the message and not too long after he responded.

Yeah that would be great! Can the rest of the boys come, I’m sure they would love a home cooked meal.

“Mom” she turned to face me.

“He said they would love to come over, and that the rest of the boys want to come to for a home cooked meal” I wanted to hang out with Niall, but I really wasn’t looking forward to them meeting my parents.

“sounds great!” my mom was so pleased with this, I really hoped she wasn’t going to embarrass me the whole night.

“Now go clean your stall!” she turned and left me standing in the kitchen alone.

Yes, the rest of the boys can come too. Text me when you’re on your way to get me tomorrow, I have to go! Talk to you later.

I put my phone in my pocket and left to go clean my stall.

I was cleaning by myself for about half an hour until my mom finally came outside too.

“So does he like you?” I knew soon enough she would be asking that. She was always so nosy.

“The rest of the boys say that he does, but I don’t want to get to excited because he is only in town for like a week. And then I will just be another girl in his mind” I hated thinking about the future, I always wanted to just think about the moment and what was going on right now. But with Niall being so famous, I knew this fling would not last. I would be the girl he had a fling with in Toronto then when he goes somewhere else there will be a girl who is much prettier than me and I will be stored away in a file in his mind.

“Well if you just keep in touch, then who knows what can happen. But please be smart. I do not want you having another break down, you know how much that scares me!” Finally I had convinced her, and I couldn’t blame her for being scared when I had a breakdown because it scared me when I had a breakdown.

“Thank you so much mom! And I promise I will be smart and won’t do anything stupid” I dropped my pitchfork and ran and gave her a big hug.

We finished our stalls and I told her every detail about my day and she just smiled and laughed throughout the whole thing.

By the end of the night I was lying in bed wondering if I should text Niall. I finally convinced myself I should when I got a text.

Goodnight, I can’t wait for tomorrow J


A smile was immediately formed across my face. This was still so unreal, I texted him back immediately hoping that he was smiling too.

Goodnight, tomorrow will be wonderful J


I fell asleep with my phone in my hands and that same smile on my face.

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