The first one (valentines based one shot)

Niall and Ariel have only just recently started going out, they met at school in choir and just clicked. Valentines day is coming up soon and Ariel in curious about what NIall is upto, being secretive and lying to her is making Ariel annoyed, confussed and frustrated. What is Niall up to?
Read on to find out...


1. One shot valentines story

Chelsea can you just ask him? please?"

"Ariel, no i cant what if its something he dosen't want people finding out"

"Chelsea please, i worried im loosing him"

"your not okay! just give him time"

ughh why does this have to happen i don't want to loose Niall he is the best thing i have right now, the only good thing in my life i dont want to loose him.


"okay Chelsea i have to go, i have maths ill see you later"

"bye Ariel, and please dont ask him, give him space"

I shot chelsea a concerned look before getting up and walking to maths, Niall is in that class with me, i wont ask him anything just in case it makes it worse. I just dont get why he has been so secretive latley i havent done anything wrong, have i?

"Hey love!" Niall's arm being placed around my waist and a kiss on the cheeck nocked me out of my thoughts

"hey Ni" I said before giving him a kiss on the lips and recieving a dazling smile from him that i loved ever so much.

After school had finished i hoped into Niall's car with him and went to get some food before we went to his house to have a movie night. Half way through our second movie Niall's phone rang, he left the living room and found a place at the table in the kitchen to talk. I was curious so i decided to listen in.

"so can you do that for me, its important"

"really that much?"

"i dont know if i have that much money"

"i really need this to happen, please?"

"thank you, thank you, thank you. This will mean so much to her"

I heared Niall hang up, and i had this feeling that what he was hiding form me wasnt so bad.

~ 1 week later ~

"Babe are you ready!" I heard Niall yell from down stairs.

"yeah just about, give me one more minute" I yelled back. I could hear Niall and my dad talking down stairs as i heard foot step coming up the stairs. My mum popped her head in my room and smiled at me.

"my baby looks gorgeous"

"thanks mum" I said giving her a hug before putting on me converse and walking down stairs to see the front door open. I looked back at my mum, she gave me a "go ahead" look, i turned back around and exited through the door only to my suprise to see Niall leaning against a limo.

"wow, Niall whats this all for"

"It's secret" he said with a wink.

He helped me into the limo and slid in beside me. Niall made me wear a blindfold all the way there, where ever there was, and would not give the sligtest hint as to where we were going.

When the car stopped and Niall helped me out and let me take the blind fold of, to my sight a carnival was revieled.

"I remembered you told me that you hade never been to a carnival so i got my cousin to leave it open for an extra night just for us, it took a hell of alot of money and bribing but i got it just for us, for the whole night"

"oh my god Niall this is to much. I..."

"Its okay you dont have to say anything, i done it because, i...i love you Ariel"

I was shocked it was the first time Niall has said those words to me. I kissed him hard and passionatly before saying it too.

"I love you to Niall, more that you know"

"happy Valentines day Ariel"

"Valentines day? Is that today? oh my god i completley forgot"

"what? how?" he said with a slight goggle to his tone

"I dont know, im sorry"

Niall just shock his head and laughed before placing his arm around my waist and ushering me in through the big gates to the carnival that awaited us. We both laughed and enjoyed the night togther, we enjoyed a cute romantic scene on the farris wheel and shared a few kisses there, and played every games atleast twice winning so many stuffed toys that we could carry them all at once .It was my first ever valentines but it was a night that i will never. ever forget.

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