Coldhearted? Or Sweet? (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Kristen is currently 15. She is from Tennessee, but moves to Harry's neighborhood only to be bullied. By him. Everyone. (Harry is NOT famous in this FF) Scolded for being different. Then one day, she starts to fall into depression. Becoming Anorexic, Bulimic, and cutting. After years of not seeing Harry, they meet once again. Will she push him away, or learn to love him? Or will new enemies be made, tears be shed, and blood and violence?


2. Chapter 2

*******Hey! Please keep reading this fan fiction, it gets better trust me! :)*******

*****Kristen's POV*****

As I walked into the school, people pointed at me and giggled. Do I look bad? I hurried to the bathroom to check. I look ok... wait. That's why they're making fun of me and giggling! I'm dressed like a cowgirl.

Time to get a new makeover.

After school ended, I quickly grabbed my folders and binders, throwing them into my backpack, and walked home. I have some shopping to do.


When I arrived, I opened the gates to our mansion. I walked up the long driveway, walking inside. My parents sat at the kitchen table eating some strawberries. Talking and giggling.

"Hey Hon'! How was school?" My dad asks, greeting me with a warm hug.

"Terrible. Mind if I borrow some money to buy some new clothes? Everyone was makin' fun of me 'cause of my clothes." I said.

"Just take my credit card sweetie." My dad says, handing me his credit card.

"Thanks dad! Mind if you give me a ride to the local mall?" I ask him.

"Nope. I don't mind darlin'." My dad replies, grabbing his keys off the hook, then walking to the corvette.

I hop in, hooking my seat belt on.


We arrive at the local mall, and I get out and say my goodbyes to my dad.

I walked in, going to all the "Hip" stores and whatnot.


I text my dad to come pick me up outside of the mall. As I was texting that, I walked out of the mall. Eyes still on my phone, I bumped into someone.

The guy's coffee fell out of his hands, onto me. My clothes. What's wrong with him?

The guy just snickered.

I looked up. Him. The most popular guy in school. Harry Styles.

I scolded him, then getting up.

As I was getting up he grabbed my arm.

"Where are you going?" He asked.

"Home." I said.


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