Coldhearted? Or Sweet? (Harry Styles Fan Fiction)

Kristen is currently 15. She is from Tennessee, but moves to Harry's neighborhood only to be bullied. By him. Everyone. (Harry is NOT famous in this FF) Scolded for being different. Then one day, she starts to fall into depression. Becoming Anorexic, Bulimic, and cutting. After years of not seeing Harry, they meet once again. Will she push him away, or learn to love him? Or will new enemies be made, tears be shed, and blood and violence?


1. Chapter 1

*******Hi! I hope you guys like this Fan Fic. Enjoy! I'll post chapters whenever I have freetime.*******


*****Kristen's POV*****

Hi. I'm Kristen. Currently, 15, and moving to the UK with my mom and dad. It'll be weird, because I'll be used to country accents, horses, and rodeos since I'm from Tennessee. Yes, I have a country accent if your wondering.

Everything packed, getting ready to get on our PRIVATE JET. Yep. My family is rich. I don't tell people I'm rich. Why would I? I'm not a bragger.

As we get on the jet, I throw my purse beside me and put in my earbuds. This will take forever.



The jet finally landed. We got all our things, and got a taxi to our new house. Well, should I say mansion? My dad is a lawyer, my mom a well known doctor around the entire world.

We arrive, me gasping.

"Mom, this is our house? It's huge!" I screamed, hugging them. I made my way into the mansion, finding my room. As I walked into my room, my jaw must've hit the ground. My walls were painted red, curtains red, with white polka dots. My bed, red and black zebra stripes. There was a desk, my own bathroom, a game room attached to my room, posters of my favorite singers on the walls, everything was perfect. So far at least.

I ran down the long winding stairs, running into the kitchen, where my parents were setting things up.

"Did you guys get my room like, custom made?" I screamed.

"Yes darling. Luke Bryan and Blake Shelton covering the walls. And red everywhere." My dad says smiling. He was proud of his job. And mom's. He loved her so much.

I jumped up and hugged them. Best parents in the world.



I brushed through my red curly hair, getting ready for my first day of school. Applying mascara, eyeliner, foundation, and lip gloss, I decide what to wear. Picking out blue jeans, plaid flannel, and a cowboy hat, (I have so many!) I'm finally ready after changing.

I grab my bag, and cell phone and walk out the door, waiting for the bus. I looked at all the houses, noticing they were normal houses. Not a mansion like mine. There was only one other mansion that was across from me.

The bus's engine snapped me right out of my thoughts. I climb up the stairs of the bus, people giving me odd looks. I guess I shouldn't sit with anyone, since they seem weirded out by me. So I sat in the back of the bus, staring out the window.

This will be a long day.


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