I love you.

Niall Horan and Maddison are just normal teenagers. Well that's a lie. Niall Horan is in the most popular boy band in the world. Maddison is a famous singer. Once Niall Horan admitted his love for Maddison Leah they met.


3. Kicked out.

Maddison's POV
We're at Niall's place. We're about to play truth or dare. "Lou, truth or dare?" I ask. "Dare!' He says. "I dare you to make out with Danielle." I said. "Wait..." Liam says. Louis doesn't care and walks over to Danielle and yea... "Alright. Niall truth or dare?" Louis cheekily says. "Truth." Niall says. "Do you really love Maddison?" He asks "while..." Niall starts. "This is going to take forever.." Harry says. "Shut up,let him talk." Liam sys. "Oh my gosh I said shut up!!!!" Liam yells. "Anyways, yes I do. She is really special to me. I've loved her since I layed eyes on her. Maddison I love you." He said. "Aw. I love you too." I said. "My turn! Niall truth or dare?" Niall asks himself. "Dare." Niall says again. "I dare you to do THINGS with Maddsion." Niall says to himself. I blushed...A LOT. "Well,go in the bedroom ;)" Louis says. "K." I say. Me and Niall walk upstairs. "Really Niall? Really!" I say. "Yep ;)" Niall winks. He takes of our shirts off and yeah............
*3 weeks later*
Me and my best friend Eliza,Danielle,Perrie and Eleanor were all at my house for a girls day. All the girls told me to make lunch so I did. I only had a little snack. "Uh,Maddie? Why don't you have real food?" Eliza asked. "I do have real food see. It's real,not fake." I joke. "You know what I mean." She says. "I had a really bad stomach ache today and it felt like something was kicking me and I threw up." I said. "What if your preggers!" Eleanor says. "I'm not...." I say. "Remember 3 weeks ago when we played truth or dare?" Eleanor said. "Yes." I say. I run up to the bathroom. Find a pregnancy test,find a pregnancy test,find a pregnancy test!!! I found one. I took it. I had to wait 10 minutes. After 10 min it turned out... Positive. Oh great. I heard someone knock on the door. "Maddie,you ok?" Eleanor asks. I loved that girl (as a friend) "uh,yep." I say. "The others are gone." She said. "Ok come in." I say. "IT'S POSITIVE!!!" She yells happily. "I know." I say. "What's wrong?" She asks. "I'm scared. I'm only 18 and he's 19,he's famous! I can't raise a baby alone I'm freaking 18!" I say. "Don't worry babe." I say. Eleanor hugs me. Niall walks in. "Everything alright?" He asks concerned. "I'll let you two talk." El says. "Niall..." I softly say. "Yes?" He asks. "I...I...I." I start. "You what?" He nervously says. "I'm pregnant." I say. "What?!" He says happily. "Yeah." I say. "What's wrong?" He asked. I stay silent. "Lets take a bath and relax." He said. I smiled. We just take off our clothes and hoped in. "So what's wrong?" He asks. "I can't raise a baby on my own." I say. I'm just really scared. "Your not,I'm here." He said. "But you have one direction! You are always on tour!" I practically yelled. "Babe,I will take as long off as I have to. To help you,I love you." He said. "Good." I say. He kisses me. I called me mom. "Hello?" I say. "Hi. What's up?" She said. "Can I tell you something?" I ask. "Yeah." She said. "I'm pregnant..." I say. "What?!? YOU DON'T EVEN LOVE THAT GUY!" Mom screams. "Yes I do." I said. "No you don't. Your using him for his money." She said. "NO I DON'T!!!! I LOVE HIM!" I scream. "Don't sass mouth me. And oh yeah don't bother coming home." She said. I just froze. "Ever." She finished and hung up. I threw the phone down on the couch. "What's with all the screaming?" Niall asked. I was now crying. "Niall,my mom... She uh kicked me out cause she thinks we're both just using each other for something she thinks I'm using you for your money and I'm just your one night stand." I said. "That's not true! I love you." "I know I love you too,but where am I going to stay?" I said. "With me!" Niall said. "Thank you so much!" I said.
Niall's POV
Maddsion is pregnant and we live together. It's been 3 weeks we've dated. This is crazy but I love her. I want to propose but it's only been 3 weeks. Everything else is going fast though so... I call Harry. "Hey need your help." I said. "what is it?" He said. "Should I propose?" I ask.
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