I love you.

Niall Horan and Maddison are just normal teenagers. Well that's a lie. Niall Horan is in the most popular boy band in the world. Maddison is a famous singer. Once Niall Horan admitted his love for Maddison Leah they met.


2. Interview!

Niall's POV
"Coming!" I hear Maddison yell. She came running to us with her perfect brown curly hair,her deep blue eyes,her perfect nose and her beautiful smile. "INTERVIEW HERE WE COME!" Louis shouted. "Louis,I have a headache don't yell please." Maddison said. She was so beautiful. We all hopped into the 1D van Louis and Harry got in the front,Zayn and Liam got in the back and me and Maddison went in her car. Perrie,Danielle,Vanessa and Louis took Danielle's car. "I'm driving!" I said. "You just passed your drivers test. I don't think so." She said getting her car keys. We got in her car. It smelled just like she did. We drove in silence. Once we got there we got ready. Maddison was aloud to come if she wanted to. We were about to go into the interview when I notice Maddison isn't with us. "Maddie! Come on!" I said. Quickly she came. We all got into the room that we were getting interviewed in. "Welcome. I'm Christi." The interviewer said. "We're One-" "We know who you are. Now who are these lovely ladies?" Christi asked. Nobody said anything... It was kinda awkward. "Well lets move on then. Lets play either spin the bottle or truth or dare!" Christi said. "TRUTH OR DARE!" We all yelled. I looked over at Maddison who was smiling. I love her smile. "Truth or dare Niall?" Harry asked smirking at the other boys. What were they up to? It was probably a crazy dare or maybe they were going to ask me if I liked Maddison. "Dare." I mumbled. Harry was smirking like crazy now. "I dare you to call the person you like." Harry said. Damn it I should've said truth. I picked up my phone.
Maddison's POV
I hope he called me. I love him very much. He picked up his phone and dialled a number and called someone. My phone was in my hand. C'mon ring!!! My phone didn't ring....... Niall put his phone down from his ear. "She didn't answer." He said. I started tearing up. Who does he like?!?! Demi? For sure she is so much better that me. I couldn't take it. I stormed off.
Niall's POV
I didn't call anyone. I didn't want to anyone to know I liked her. She started crying and she stormed off. What did I do? Liam came over to me and whispered,"I know you like her and she likes you. Why didn't you call her?" "I didn't want the whole world to know." I said. "Well look what you did." Liam said. I went after Maddison. I ran outside to see her crying in her car. "Maddie." I softly said. "What?" She said. "What's wrong." I asked. It was silent. "Who did you call?" She asked. "Nobody." I said. "What? Are you sure you didn't call Demi? Some girl who's way better than me." She mumbled through tears. "No. I almost called the prettiest girl ever." I said. "Who?" She said. "Well,she's right in front of me right now." I said. She looked around confused. "It's you." I said. The biggest smile appeared across her face revealing her beautiful smile. We walked out of the car. It started raining. "Niall,I love you." She said. With that said I kissed her on the lips. A kiss on the rain. "Best kiss ever!" She said. I got down on one knee. "Take this promise ring. If you take it it means I promise I will treat you with respect,passion and kindness if we date." I said. She took the ring out. "So your mine?" I asked. "Yes." She said. Then we passionately kissed out in the rain. I took her hand and we walked back into the interview, hand in hand. "Who's single?" Christi asked as me and Maddison sat down. Harry put up his hand. "Niall? Put up your hand!" The boys said. "I can't." I said as I kissed Maddison.
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