I love you.

Niall Horan and Maddison are just normal teenagers. Well that's a lie. Niall Horan is in the most popular boy band in the world. Maddison is a famous singer. Once Niall Horan admitted his love for Maddison Leah they met.


1. Maddison Leah.

Hi I'm Maddison. I'm 19 years old. I am a famous singer. How didn't get famous you ask. Well I was on the X-Factor USA. I placed in 1st and I got famous. I really don't have time for a social life because I'm always on tour. No it's not my tour since I was only on the X-Factor last year I'm opening for the famous boy band One Direction. I love them. They're hot,great voices and so far just amazing people. The boys keep saying Niall has been acting different since I came. I'm confused did they mean that in a good way or bad? Anyway back to me. I go to K.S.D High School. I'm on the cheer leading team and glee. But I had to quit school since I'm on tour with the boys. More about me. Yes I know I sound like a bitch because it's all ME,but I'm telling you about my self. Anyway my favourite colour is lime green and neon orange. My hair is brown and curly. My eyes are crystal blue. I love to do gymnastics,sing & sleep. I know what you're asking. ARE YOU SINGLE?!?!? Yes,I am. I am single because I have my eye on someone. Don't even ask... Ok fine! It's Niall. I have to admit he is really cute. "Maddison! C'mon interview." Louis shouts.
Got to go guys. Bye!
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