I think im a pretty good writer so i decided to make a fan fic for my friend and see if she like it.
Love to Taylor.
And by the way im not gonna give any info about the story you have to read it


3. We did it

Taylor's POV:

            As we ran from behind the bushes Jim spotted us. "Hey, get back her you little fuckers!" he yelled after us as he started sprinting. After every few steps I would check back to see if he was catching up to us. I was glad to see that he was slowing down, guessing he was getting tired. "He's slowing down" I told Harry "great, my car is just down the street I can see it from here, its the black Range Rover." I was glad that his car was close, it mad me feel a lot better knowing that we might make it away from here.

Harry's POV:

            I look back to see how far the guy was from us but my eyes got caught on Taylor's beauty, she had short blond hair with sparkling blue eyes, she wasn't short but she wasn't tall either she was the perfect hight, I knew this want the time to stop and stare so i turned back around. As I turned back to see where I was going, I saw that we were close enough for me to pull out my car keys and press the unlock button. "Come on get in and lock the door behind you" I rushed her as I ran to the drivers side of the car.

Taylor's POV:

            I jumped in the car following Harry's instructions to lock the door behind me, I cant believe after a year of having to go through the suffering of having to deal with my abusive father I was finally going to get away from him. I looked in the rear view mirror to see if Jim was getting close to us, he was "hurry Harry he catching up." He jumped into the drivers seat sticking the keys into the ignition and starting the engine, or at least trying to. "Whats happening!!" I yelled in horror to the thought of Jim catching up to us. "I don't know, this is a brand new car it shouldn't be acting like this" "well can you please fix it, he is get really close" I begged. As Harry struggled to get the engine started I scream in fright to the sight of Jim outside my window "open the door or ill kill you!!"he yelled trying to get the door open "hurry Harry!!" I said with tears streaming down my face "I think I got it" he said as he turned the key starting the engine "go get me away from here." He stepped on the gas and we drove off and left Jim behind. "I'll find you don't worry, and when I do you and your little friend are going to wish you were never born!!" he yelled at us, balling his fist up as we drove away.

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