I think im a pretty good writer so i decided to make a fan fic for my friend and see if she like it.
Love to Taylor.
And by the way im not gonna give any info about the story you have to read it


2. I need to get away from here

Taylor's POV:


            "Im so sorry" I said trying to pull myself together after what i just went through. "Yea why don't you..." He stopped speaking as he look at me. "Im really sorry, I didn't mean to I just really need to get away from here" I said apologizing while staring into his beautiful green eyes. "No,no its ok, whats your name?" He said with a smile on his face, exposing the cuties dimples I've ever seen in my life. "Taylor" " Taylor, thats a beautiful name, my names Harry" I looked at him with wide eyes for a second. "Where have I heard that name before?" his smile faded as I asked that question, looking at me in confusion. "Im Harry from the band One Direction" "oh, I'm sorry i cant think straight right now, I've been through a lot in the past few minutes" I said giving him a fake smile.


Harry's POV:

            She gave me a smile but I can tell it was fake. "If you don't mind me asking, what have you been through during the last few minutes?" I didn't know the girl but for some reason I cared for her a lot. "Its kind of hard to explain" "oh would you like to sit down and talk about it?" she didn't seem certain wether she wanted to or not but before she could answer this big guy appeared down the street. "Stop running you little slut!!" When I turned to look back at Taylor she had fear in her eyes. "Im so sorry I need to get away from hear now" she started sprinting down the path leading into the park, I couldn't help but chase after her.


Taylor's POV:

            I ran into the park hoping to find a place to hide from my father, or should i call him Jim since he never really acted like a father to me. I saw some bushes near a tree and hid behind it. Guessing he spotted me, Harry walks to the bushes and stands there "whats going on?" His face fills with concern. I could hear my dads foot steps stomping down the path so i grabbed harry and yanked him down to my level. "I need to get away from that man, he's trying to hurt me" "who is that guy?" I didn't have time to say anything before my dad started to get close to the bushes. "I don't have time to explain, but if you get me out of here ill tell you everything" I said in a whisper hoping Jim didn't hear. "Ok, my cars not to far from here, if we out run him we can make it to my car and I can drive you away from here" I didn't really understand why I trusted him so much but there was something about him that made me. "Ok on the count of 3 we run" I said, he gave me a look that told me he was ready. "1...2..." He took my hand in his. "3" he clutched my hand tight and we ran to his car, the only thing I thought could save me.

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