I think im a pretty good writer so i decided to make a fan fic for my friend and see if she like it.
Love to Taylor.
And by the way im not gonna give any info about the story you have to read it


4. Car ride

Jim's POV:

             I watched as they drove off, I cant believe she got away. I walked back into the house, grabbed a beer and sat on the couch planing what I was going to do to her and that little friend of hers when I found them. I swear I'm going to do anything I can to find them and when I do I'm going to kill them. But as I was thinking there was a knock at the door, so I stopped my train of thought and got up to see who it was, it was the cops. "Just a sec and ill be right there" I said. I stood at the door for a few seconds and then I opened it. "Hello officer, can I help you?" I asked already knowing why he was here "yes, your neighbor called saying they heard some commotion coming from this house, is everything alright?" he said looking over my shoulder into the house to make sure everything was alright. "Oh yes everything's fine here, I don't know what they could have heard I've been asleep the whole time and my daughter is at her friends house for the week, they must have the wrong house or something" I made up a quick lie hopping it was good enough for the cop "oh ok, I will let the neighbors know it was all a mistake and that everything is fine here" "ok thank you officer" I said closing the door letting out a sigh of relief.

Harry's POV:

            As I was driving, all that I could think of is what was going on. "Now that we got away can you please tell me what the hell just happened" I said with a firm voice. She look at me with sad eyes then finally spoke. *A Few Minutes Later* We were still driving, I don't know where we were going but she didn't seem to mind so I kept on going, we stayed in silence for a few minutes. "where are we going anyways?" She said with a confused look on her face "I don't know, is there some place I can take you like your grandmothers house or a friends" "no" she said quickly "He'd probably go looking for me at my grandmothers place and I don't really have any friends" when she said that I felt bad for her, her life seems to be going down hill ever since her mom died. "I know you don't know me well, but since you have no where to go, do you want to stay at my place?" She looked at me with a concerned look. "I promise you'll be ok, I have a spare room you can sleep in" she look out the window and after a few seconds she finally spoke "um... I guess."

Taylor's POV:

            I wasn't really sure about going to his place but it was the only place I could go without Jim finding me. After a thirty minute drive we finally stopped. "this is my flat" he spoke with a smile on his face probably because I couldn't get my eyes off of the place, it was beautiful from the outside, I couldn't imagine what it looked like on the inside.

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