I think im a pretty good writer so i decided to make a fan fic for my friend and see if she like it.
Love to Taylor.
And by the way im not gonna give any info about the story you have to read it


1. Run!!

Taylor's POV:


         I cried myself to sleep that night. After a year I still couldn't get over the fact that my mom was gone. She was my best friend and we did everything together, like going shopping, talking about boys and going to the movies. But ever since she past away things changed, I was stuck living with my abusive father, every chance he got he'd do horrible things to me. I woke up that night and jumped in fright to see my father hovering over me. I wasn't shocked to see him there, that horny little bastard. "Get off me!!" I screamed, he slapped me and held my arms down on the bed, my eyes watered while my face stung in pain in the spot that had been hit by his massive hands, I couldn't move because he was to strong. "Shut up" he hissed, "the neighbors might here you". He started to unzip his pants and that gave me the opportunity to to knee him in the balls. "Fuck!!" He yelled as he fell off of the bed. I heard a huge bang as he hit the floor and I got up and ran out the room closing the door behind me hoping that it would slow him down. I ran down the stairs as my heart started racing, I heard him swing the door open letting it hit the wall as he chased after me. I increased my speed thankful that my school made us run a mile almost everyday, I had an advantage over that fat old man. I quickly unlocked the door and ran down the front three marble steps the led up to the house. I ran in any direction hoping to get as far away as possible from him, the man who promised me that he'd protect me but turned out to be the one that hurt me the most. It was dark and i could tell that the sun would be up soon. As I look back, I couldn't see him chasing me anymore guessing he got tired and stopped running. Before I could turn around I felt the impact of another body and fell to the floor taking the person with me.

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