Holly lost her parents in a accident and is now living with her brother Nathan..she gets bullied at school and she has a huge crush on the jock Niall Horan but Niall is never ever mean or physical to her...what happens next..well u have to read:)


2. Why?

We stared in each others eyes before Amanda interrupted us.''Let's go babe'' She said, Niall didn't  say anything he just did as she say.He looked back right at me giving me a * apologizing look* I jut gave him a half smile mouthing ''thank you'' and its alright.Lunch I hate lunch i mean i love eating but i always have to sit by myself.The food is disgusting but you know i'm not gonna starve myself.I walked up to get the usual *meat loaf and mashed potatoes* I told the lunch lady *thank you*,as I was walking back i was daydreaming and i bumped into someone, and of course that someone was Amanda  I spilled my mash potatoes all over her ruining her designer skirt *like i care* I was kinda worried she was gonna do something really bad but i looked at Niall and he was smirking as i was daydreaming again about Niall gosh  cant get this boy out of my head, Amanda slapped me right across the face and said ''You clumsy bitch get the hell out of my way, look what you did you freak,I hate you go die'' She said ''I'm sorry i didn't mean to'' i said ''Shut the hell up and get the hell out of my way you no life,go cut yourself or something'' she said. OK that hurt a lot, yeah OK i use to cut myself but i stopped.I could feel tears come out like a down pour,I ran out of there and went to the bathroom,I could hear foot steps behind me,I ignored it and went into the bathroom and slid down the wall and cried.I heard someone come in but i dared to not look.They sat next to me and they felt warm,I looked up and there right in front of m face was Niall Horan.

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