Holly lost her parents in a accident and is now living with her brother Nathan..she gets bullied at school and she has a huge crush on the jock Niall Horan but Niall is never ever mean or physical to her...what happens next..well u have to read:)


1. Introduction


Hi,my names Holly i'm 17 and i had an amazing life, but my beloved parents died last year,they were in a car accident and they died instantly.Right now i'm living with my brother Nathan he's very caring and has helped me through a lot,when i mean a lot i mean my parents and worst of all bullies! School is a nightmare I have no friends and i'm always being called horrible things and i'm always getting pushed around.I have a crush on Niall Horan and yeah hes a jock, but he's different he has never called me names or done anything physical to me?                                                           ****Morning****                                                                                                                                                                                                 I really don't want to go to school, but knowing Nialls there makes me happy,so I go and put a fake smile on my face so Nathan thinks i'm happy.I go downstairs to smelling breakfast, ‘’Here i made you a plate’’ Nathan said ‘’Thanks but i'm not hungry’’I say ‘’You didn't even eat dinner you at least have to eat breakfast’’He said ‘’ Eh h..I gotta go or i'll be late, see you later’’. Ok let me explain,I didn't eat dinner or breakfast because the kids at my school keep calling me fat.I want to look good for Niall, I wonder if he cares?                            **School**                                                                                         I’m walking into school and right when i get to my locker the   ‘’Popular Girls” came over to me ‘’Well you're looking quite ugly today’’ Amanda said. I just ignored her, oh did i mention she is dating Niall. I was walking away when I bumped into someone,I fell right on my butt ‘’i'm sorry’’ I said I didn't wanna look up, ‘’its alright babe,here let me help you up’’ I looked up while being helped up and it w Niall out of all people. I was embarrassed and also blushing cause Niall helped was helping me up.?! 

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