The Man Behind Those Eyes

Marisa has always had feelings for her best friend. When they were sixteen, they could have gone out, but something happened that changed their lives forever...


3. Chapter 3

/You're insecure, don't know what for. You're turning heads when you walk through the do-o-or. Don't need make up, to cover up. Being the way that you are is eno-o-ough./

Marisa's dorm-mate, Kate, was dancing around the room to 'What Makes You Beautiful' blasting on BBC Radio1. They've become great friends since the beginning of the term and have told each other everything...except that Marisa knows THE Harry Styles. Kate always wondered what was so special about the locket Marisa always wore but she never told Kate who was in it, nor who gave it to her. Just that it was "a gift from someone extremely special, near and dear to her heart".

Friday night, Marisa bailed on going to a party to finish up a term paper so she'd have the weekend free when she got a skype message from an unknown number. Frowning, she accepted the call and came face to face with Harry. She screamed and nearly dropped the computer onto the floor.


Nice. Smooth move, M. she thought to herself.

"I miss you too, Marisa. I've been needing to call. I can't go on any longer without seeing you. These guys were kicking my arse at football and I need them on my team against you." He moved his fringe out of his eyes and to the right and Marisa caught a glimpse of a friendship bracelet she made him when they were kids still on his wrist and her heart warmed at the thought of him wearing the bracelet she made him.

She laughed and said "I'd really love to kick your arse right about now. Night football, the best sport ever made up by us. My dorm mate is such a girl, she'd never play. And Mark is shit at sports, almost as shit as you."

He half laughed. "Who's Mark?"

"Oh, just a guy in my English class across the hall from me. He's alright. I heard your song on the radio today." She smiled

"REALLY? Did you like it? We're filming a music video for it also." He said, proudly.

"Yes, I loved it. My dorm-mate especially loved it. She doesn't know that I know you or else I'd have to tell her everything about you and that's just too much work. Sorry, but I love my best friend and don't want to exploit you. When do I get to meet your new bandmates?"

Harry grinned, "now." and Marisa saw four faces come in from the sides of the computer screen. "this guy here" He pointed to a guy with straight hair and a huge smile "is Louis." he pointed to a guy with short black hair "this is Zayn, the blonde is Niall and here" he hugged the other guy with straight hair "is Liam".

"Hi" Marisa smiled "have you guys learned Harold here is a complete Mamma's boy yet? and he use to run around the house in pants, socks and a sheet trying to be action man in front of me and his sister." She laughed as Harry looked fake-upset at her saying that in front of his new friends. "who's the best at football?"

"Niall is!" the hyper one said... Louis probably...

"yay! I will look forward to kicking your arse, blondie" Marisa joked. "what are you lot doing for Christmas? I'm sure Anne won't mind four extra mouths at the table."

"I think we should all get together Boxing day and do something." Liam said

"That would be lovely. Last Boxing day all I did was go shopping with Gemma." Marisa said "not that I don't adore her, she's my best friend besides Haz. I just miss curly over here. It's not the same in uni."

"YOU'RE IN UNI?!" Harry screamed

"No, I'm not. I just felt like taking my A Levels for no reason and sitting in my new dormitory room to fool you." She said, sarcastically.

"Well no need to be mean about it. I want to hear all about uni. I'll be phoning you tomorrow so you can tell me everything."

"Yes, sir." Marisa laughed and watched Niall get a chicken leg out of nowhere, quietly eating it.

"Where are you?" He pressed.

"University of London for Communications. College Hall, third floor, right next to the tea pantry on the right side. Not at the party booming across the road."

"Oooh party. I guess I know where we're going today."

"Good luck, babe. You're on the radio, people know who you are. All of you."

"I guess they do...." And with that the call ended, leaving Marisa staring at her reflection instead of at the five boys.

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