The Man Behind Those Eyes

Marisa has always had feelings for her best friend. When they were sixteen, they could have gone out, but something happened that changed their lives forever...


2. Chapter 2

Marisa rolled out of bed to a banging on the front door.

"Ugh, MUM! The door!" she yelled, voice muffled by the pillow and duvet. "MUM!!!"

She sighed and got out of bed, flattened her hair down and went to open the door. "Who the hell is banging so-" she opened the door to reveal a smiling Harry, green eyes sparkling and dimples showing. He was practically jumping up and down as he ran past her and jumped on the couch.

"Guess what!" he screamed.

"You finally learned how to play football?" Marisa joked.

"No, I signed up!" He smiled, shoving a paper in her face that said:

The X Factor

Official Registration Form

Harold Styles

Holmes Chapel, Cheshire

Audition Number:          165998           

Song choice: ____________________


Marisa smiled and looked up at him. "What song are you going to do?"

"I don't know yet." He smiled and hugged her.

They talked for an hour before she realized she was still in the pajamas and she reluctantly went upstairs to change and when she came back down, found Harry elbow deep in food, stuffing his face. Marisa laughed and snapped a picture of him on her phone and sent it to Anne saying "Don't you ever feed him? Haha" and made him pose with the form so she could take a picture with her real camera.


The day before he left for the audition, he gave her a present. They took a walk in his backyard and talked about how famous he was going to be.

"I'm never going to forget you. No matter how famous I get, if I get famous at all. I'd never forget you." He said, as they walked.

"I hope not. I'm the best thing that's ever happened to you," she teased. "But really, I hope I'll be there at your concerts."

"You will be." he smiled, stopping and handed her a box. "Just in case I don't see you for a while."

When she opened it, it was a round locket. Marisa smiled and opened it to see a picture of them as little five-year-olds playing on the swings in that park. Marisa beamed at him and hugged Harry for a long while. When they broke apart, he carefully put the necklace on her and hugged her again.

The next day, he auditioned, got through and went to Simon's house in Barbados.


It's been a year since she's actually seen Harry for more than a couple hours. He went far on the X Factor. Simon Cowell put him in a band with four other guys and they seemed to be doing well. They came in third place and almost immediately started recording and doing small gigs. One Direction was getting big.

Marisa and Gemma got closer over the course of the year and Gemma helped her with her A levels. They went to the mall and hung out all the time, but Gemma went to uni and Marisa was working on her A level exams. After she had passed all the exams, she applied to university.

Because she had really good grades on her A levels, got 17 GCSE's and got all A's on her revisions, Marisa was accepted to the University of London's honors program for Communications with a partial scholarship.

During this time, Harry was with his bandmates every day and working on some song about being beautiful and getting involved with some lady named Caroline.

When she started uni, she moved into the dormitory and made friends, one being a boy named Mark who acted like he fancied her.

Harry was out in the world, living his life, becoming a star and had practically forgotten about White Eskimo and Marisa. He was getting chased down the street and had fans all over the place.

Harry lived his new life with his new friends and Marisa lived a student's life, commuting between uni and work. She became friends with Mark, but it was purely platonic. Marisa always wore that locket wherever she went and always remembered those words... "I'm never going to forget you. No matter how famous I get, if I get famous at all. I'd never forget you."...

She opened the locket to gaze at the picture again. His eyes were especially green that day and they were sparkling in the sun. His dimples were huge as he had a huge grin plastered on his face. It had been a long time since she saw him and was starting to think he'd completely moved on. Would he remember her when he came home for Christmas? Would they still be the best of friends? What if he tries to bring One Direction for Christmas and White Eskimo is there and everyone is upset and uncomfortable? What's new years going to be like? She sighed and went back to her school work.


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