Kiss Me I'm Irish

Mary-Kate lives a plain life. She is a strawberry-blonde with deep blue eyes and an average height of 5 ft 6 inches. No tragic backstory, nothing too bad. Just has a stressful and eventful life with a big dream. Will she find her knight in shining armor after a tragic end to her last relationship?


6. Truth or Dare

Mk's P.O.V.
"TRUTH OR DAREEEE!!" Louis shouts
We all gather in a circle and Louis shouts again, "HARRY TRUTH OR DARe!!?" "DARE!" He yells back. Boys, i think and i roll my eyes then Niall picks me up and puts me in his lap. "I dare you to go in the closet with Riley and have 7 mins in heaven!" Louis challenges. Harry and Riley both blush and walk to the closet. Lets just say, this was probably going to last even longer then seven minutes. And i was right. After an hour, we finished the game and they came out. The had messed up hair and looked like death. Zayn chuckled and Liam wolf whistled. They both blushed and sat down. We had a dinner of spaghetti and pizz. Yum! Then, well, nothing else happened. I slept in Niall's room. And before i knew it, we had a full out snogging session. Jake who? ;)
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