Kiss Me I'm Irish

Mary-Kate lives a plain life. She is a strawberry-blonde with deep blue eyes and an average height of 5 ft 6 inches. No tragic backstory, nothing too bad. Just has a stressful and eventful life with a big dream. Will she find her knight in shining armor after a tragic end to her last relationship?


5. The sleepover

As i tear away from Louis, i could see a tint of jealousy in Niall's eyes, but it quickly disappeared. "Love, would you like spend the night with us in our hotel?" He said softly. "Lemme' just text my mom real quick, and can my cousin come over? She has a crush on Harry!" I said. Harry started to blush. "Sure! Can't wait to meet this-umm...." "Riley!" I said back. "Right..." He said with a chuckle. I quickly texted Riley.
M: hey ri wanna cum ova 2 1D's hotel?!
R: Omfg!!! Hell yaaa!!
M: lol! Ok heres the address! **************
R: ah! Fangurlin rite now! :3 c u in like 5 mins!
M: ok gurl xx
After texting riley i slumped in the seat of the limo. I couldnt get Jake off my mind. I honestly didnt know what the hell i did, but no matter what it was, i regret it. Niall must have noticed my sad face and pulled me into his lap. I dozed off but i woke up to answer the door. "RILEY!!" I screamed and then Harrys face came into the picture. "Hello Riley, nice to finally meet you." He said and she giggled and blushed. Ugh more memories of Jake.
The most gorgeous girl i have ever seen stood in the entryway. She was average height with long chestnut brown and amazing eyes that i could stare into all day. Flirty mode activated. I made her blush and giggle. Good. But i think we both knew, it was love at first sight.
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