Kiss Me I'm Irish

Mary-Kate lives a plain life. She is a strawberry-blonde with deep blue eyes and an average height of 5 ft 6 inches. No tragic backstory, nothing too bad. Just has a stressful and eventful life with a big dream. Will she find her knight in shining armor after a tragic end to her last relationship?


7. Rarry

So harry and i hooked up last night. I woke up to the most beautiful man on earth. I traced circles on his chest. He woke up and we locked gazes for a minute. He finally spoke, "love, you are the most beautiful girl i have ever laid eyes on. Will you let me take you out tonight?" I nearly screamed. HARRY FUCKIN STYLES JUST ASKED ME ON A FRIKIN DATE! Breath Ri, breath! "No..." I started he looked dissapointed. "Im just joking with you haz! Of course!" He smile lit up the room and we dozed off....
Niall's p.o.v.
I think im going to ask m-k on a date tonight. Im super nervous i just want to claim her mine before louis does. I walk downstairs and see them chatting. I politely interrupt. "Maykay, will you got on a date with me? I really like you and yo-" she cut me off by sayin "omg Niall im so sorry but Louis has already asked me out..." I burned up and left. I had to leave. Louis is such a bitch sometimes. I had to leave. I couldnt bear to see them together. It would burn me up inside. I walked into the nearest pub. Maybe a beer or two could get my mind off this...and her adorable face...was everything that happened last night nothing? Was it just some one-time-thing? It.just.hurts.
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