Kiss Me I'm Irish

Mary-Kate lives a plain life. She is a strawberry-blonde with deep blue eyes and an average height of 5 ft 6 inches. No tragic backstory, nothing too bad. Just has a stressful and eventful life with a big dream. Will she find her knight in shining armor after a tragic end to her last relationship?


4. Meeting the boys

I turn around to see no other than Niall Horan himself! The only reason i didnt fangirl was because i was too upset. He helped me up off the floor and gave me a hug while i sobbed into his shoulder. After a while of staying in his arms with him sing to me and rocking me back and forth i pulled away. " im sorry for being such a burden Niall! I will just find my sister and go! Thanks anyways!" I was about to leave when he grabbed my wrist he pulled me back and looked into my eyes. "I have just met the cutest girl i have ever seen and she was sobbing to me for a while and i have no clue why. Do you really think im just going to let you waltz out now?!" I giggled " i suppose not" he grabbed my hand and we went behind stage where Molly was flirting with Liam. "Want to tell me why you were crying now?" Niall asked. "Well, my best friend sent me a pic of my boy friend kissi- well, making out." My lip quivered "and then my boyfriend dumped me. We had been together for 7 years!" "Aww come here carrot princess" louis said. I gave a nervous laugh before embracing him with a bear hug. This will be the best and worst night of my life.
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