Kiss Me I'm Irish

Mary-Kate lives a plain life. She is a strawberry-blonde with deep blue eyes and an average height of 5 ft 6 inches. No tragic backstory, nothing too bad. Just has a stressful and eventful life with a big dream. Will she find her knight in shining armor after a tragic end to her last relationship?


11. changes & choices



Mary-Kate's p.o.v.

Lou and I were still dating. I feel bad for Niall who just cant move on.

I decided to go surprise Louis at his flat. After all, it was Valentines day!

So I got him a cute bear and a balloon. After parking my car, I ran up to the window. He was talking to a girl. A friend I thought. Then she handed him a bear and they started snogging.  I couldnt believe this! Lou was cheating on me! I walked in and threw the stuff at him. "Happy Valentines day honey!" I screamed and ran out the door. I drove to Niall's house and he held me tightly as he rocked me back and forth...

Louis' P.O.V.

I missed Mk so much and I just didnt think I would be able to see her as much. I cant believe I did this, El and I were just friends! She is probably miserable in the boys' arms right now. Maybe I should go after her, I hope she wont hurt herself. I got into my car and started the ignition. Off to go get her, I need her to be mine. I have to apologize.


Niall's p.o.v.

Mary-Kate was sobbing in my arms. I cant believe that asshole did that! Maybe I could make her feel better if....well it's worth a try. "Mk? I have always been jealous of Lou. I knew you were meant to be my princess from the start. I know this isnt the best time to ask you this but will you be my princess? I swear on my life I will never hur-" She cut me off with a kiss. "I will take that as a yes!" I said and she nodded and giggled. Then there was a knock at the door, well, several. "Lou? Harry? Riley?....


A/N oooh cliff hanger! Thanks for reading tho! ♡

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