I love you Liam

Shay and Liam have been dating for three years now,and have known each other for five years.This year Liam wants to make valentines day special for the two of them.When Shay's best friend Emily finds his plans for the night,Liam is desperate to keep her quiet.Even if it's means changing everything in his life?Will Liam be able to save his special night with Shay,or will disaster rule?READ TO FIND OUT!!��


1. Plans


As we watched the movie eating popcorn and tacos,I watched her face.Shay's shoulder length sun kissed ,brown hair was pulled back in a ponytail.Her icy blue,beautiful eyes were wide as she leaned forward toward the screen.We were watching an action movie with Tom Cruise in it:Jack Reacher.Shay jumped when he pulled the trigger,shooting a man dead.But she wasn't frightened,only more interested.Thats what I loved about her;she could be a lady when she needed to,but was cool to just be one of the guys.The boys loved her like family and she basically was.Almost.Louis,Niall,Harry and Zayn were like my brothers.So when I would propose to her on our special Valentines Day date,she really would be their family.

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