One Love. One Heart. One Direction...

Caroline hated her life. Being billed my the school flirt, Harry Styles. She never knew that years and years later she may have a romantic interest in him. And he might actually accept her for who she really is and not for just what he wants. Find out in "One Love. One Heart. One Direction..."


2. This can't be....

"Your kidding right?!" I yelled with fear in my voice. "Come on! He couldn't have been THAT bad to you! He is only the most sweetest boy ever!" I take to moment to sink in what she just said. Harry Styles! Being nice and sweet?!? Not a chance! "Then you don't know him" I say to her sadly. I finally thought I got away from him. Never ever having to deal with his bullying again. I guess I was wrong...
"All students. Please report to the auditorium for a special announcement!" Said a lady talking in the loud speaker. "C'mon! Lets go!" Sarah said while grabbing my hand and running off to the auditorium so we could get in the front row. As we sit down I see five boys come out on stage. Uh oh... Crap it's him!! "Hello everyone and welcome our special guest, one direction!" Everyone in the crowd cheers loudly except for me of course. I glance up at Harry and see he is already looking at me straight in the eye, scowling at me in a mean manor. I roll my eyes and quickly turn away so memories don't come flooding back into my mind and my heart.
"We will assign you in five groups with each band member to help get you all started." The announcer says with pride. She calls off names and it finally comes to Harry's group. " in Mr.Styles group we will have. Sierra, Jackie, and Caroline!" I lower my head in disgust and look up to see Harry looking quite happy with the group choice. I see that blonde girl from earlier get up. He name is Jackie. I'm guessing he's only happy because he gets to be in a group with her.
"Alright now! Get into your groups!"
I walk over slowly to where Harry is with Jackie and Sierra.
"Well, well, well... Look who we have here." I hear a slow British voice say. I turn around quickly and see that it's Harry.
"Harry. Please, don't!" I say with fear
"Oh don't worry little slut! I won't hurt you!" He says with anger in his voice. I feel a kick on my leg and catch him smiling and I just frown trying not to let any tears escape my eyes.
"Now we are going to do a play. The main male role will be a member of the band. We will have tryouts for out female lead starting now!" She yells
I go up in the line of girls to try out. I sing a song by Taylor Swift. I hear loud claps coming from the audience but look at Harry and he's actually looking quite surprised at my performance. A few minutes later the announcer say. " and the female lead of Fawn will be played by.... Caroline!!" I sigh in relief only hoping that Harry wouldn't be picked for the male lead. " and the males as will be played by... Harry styles!!"
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