One Love. One Heart. One Direction...

Caroline hated her life. Being billed my the school flirt, Harry Styles. She never knew that years and years later she may have a romantic interest in him. And he might actually accept her for who she really is and not for just what he wants. Find out in "One Love. One Heart. One Direction..."


4. Really?

I hear a loud sigh from Harry and I just roll my eyes. "Well, you guys better start getting ready!" She says and walks away.
"Can't wait for tonight", Harry says rudley with a evil smile on his face. "Whatever", I say with disgust. I go upstairs to start getting ready when I see Sarah holding up a short aqua strapless dress and some white heels. "What is that for?" I ask. " duh! For you and Harry's date!" She says with excitement. " it's not a date! I'm being forced against my will to do this!" I groan. "We'll at least wear this for me? Please", she says while giving m the puppy dog face. "Fine..." I go and get ready. I straighten my hair and put just a little bit of eyeliner and mascara on my eyes. I walk out of the bathroom. "Girl! You look fabulouis!" She says with joy. "Yeah yeah whatever lets just get this over with" I say. I walk down to the restaurant where I'm suppost to meet Harry at and I see him there with wide eyes. I slowly walk up to him. "Alright hurry up. I don't wanna be here and I know you don't either"I groan. "I never said I didn't wanna be here" he says with a slight flirty tone in his voice. "Whatever, lets get to the table..." We walk over to the table set for two. It was actually a really nice restaurant! "I'm sorry..." I hear Harry say. "I almost choke on my drink. "Excuse me?!?" I say with suprise. "Look Caroline, I'm really sorry for the way I treated you."she says with sorrow in his voice. I look deep into his green eyes and see only symphaney and sadness. "If your really sorry, then why did you do it Harry?" I ask with a serious tone. "Honestly, I had a HUGE crush on you." "That explaines nothing!" I say. "Fine! I really did have a crush on you but the thing that hurt me was that your sister cheated on my brother!" He says with slight anger. "Then eh did you treat me like that?" I say with a single tear run down my face. "No no, don't cray" he says while wiping my tear. I smack his hand away from my face. "Get away from me. You'll have to say more than 'I'm sorry' to get me to actually forgive you. You made my life a living hell!!" I yell and run out of the resturant.
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