One Love. One Heart. One Direction...

Caroline hated her life. Being billed my the school flirt, Harry Styles. She never knew that years and years later she may have a romantic interest in him. And he might actually accept her for who she really is and not for just what he wants. Find out in "One Love. One Heart. One Direction..."


3. Here we go again

"WHAT?!", I yell surprisingly loud.
I look over and see Harry wide eyed with a blank expression on his face.
I run over to the announcer. "Can I please trade spots?" I say. I see out of the corner of my eye Harry walk up to us. " c'mon Caroline. It shouldn't be that bad." He said with evil in his voice.
I cringe of the thought of having to talk to him. More likely pretentious like I'm in LOVE with him!
"What's wrong with the role you've been given Caroline?" She asks confused.
"We'll you see tha-" I get cut off by Harry saying," nothing! Thanks love!" He runs off with my hand in his. When we finally stop I let go angrily. "What was that for?!?" I ask mad at him. " now listen bitch," he rasps," I'm going to make a good empression and you are not going to ruin that for me." He stops at the sound of heals walking over to us. It's Bella, the announcer.
"Since you guys are going to be our lead roles in the play, we need you two to hang out more to get to know each other!" She says with a smile.
"Oh I think I know him WELL enough." I say madly.
"Are you a fan?" She asks.
"Far from one..."
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