One Love. One Heart. One Direction...

Caroline hated her life. Being billed my the school flirt, Harry Styles. She never knew that years and years later she may have a romantic interest in him. And he might actually accept her for who she really is and not for just what he wants. Find out in "One Love. One Heart. One Direction..."


1. Why me

Hi I'm Caroline. I have long straight dirty blonde hair and deep brown eyes. I always get bullied at my school for my parents being in jail. Especially by someone that I despise so much...

Harry Styles

Caroline's P.O.V.

"Eww!! Look who it is!! Slut of the month!!" Harry yelled with his group of friends laughing along with him. "Harry stop! Please!" I yelled out softly with light tears coming down my face. "Geez stop being such a huge crybaby!" One of his friends yelled at me.

As I'm crying I feel a sharp pain in my stomach. Harry kicked me! "Ow!" I yelped out in pain. "Suck it up you piece of trash!!" Harry growled at me with slight laughter in his dark voice.

2 years later...

Yes! I'm finally here! Off to pursue my dream in becoming a famous actor! Today was my first day at the new collage!

"Hello" a kind lady said to me at the front desk. "Hi!" I said cheerfully, "I'm Caroline, and I'm here for the acting!!" "Yes! Here you are! You are in room B16 with Sarah! Have fun hun!"

I walk down to my room when I accidentally bump into a girl with perfect beach blonde hair and bright blue eyes. "I'm so so-" I began to say
"Watch where you're going!!" She yelled at me
I quickly went to my room, not wanting to cause any more trouble than I already have.
"Hello!! I'm Sarah!! You must me Caroline?" A nice girl says to me
"Ya I'm new here!"
I see her hanging posters on the wall with five boys on it. One looking awfully familiar.
"Hey, who are they?" I asked confused
"DUH! It's one direction! Only the most HOTTEST boy bands ever!" She says with excitement.
As I look closer I see a curly haired boy
"Hey. Who's the curly one?"
"Oh that's Harry Styles!! Isn't he hot?"
I gasp! That can't be! He doesn't deserve to be where he is! He was a stuck up boy and treated me like shit!
"Y-your joking right?" I asked scared
"Of course not! What's wrong?"
"I know Harry! He was my high school bully!"
"We'll your gunna have to learn to like him."
"Why?" I ask confused
"Because they're coming here to help with our acting skills!" She says happily.

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