Waking Up: The Brown Curls

Harry, a typical Englishman walks the streets of London everyday. Reychel, a young woman, came to London to learn more about music and song writing.
Harry Styles, who learns about Reychel, helps her find her way through this career. The two friends are really coming closer together, but will they always just be friends?


5. To My Surprise

Reychels POV

I got in the car with Liam, crying harder. He said we were going to the bay to talk about stuff. When we got there, I was relaxed. I didn't think about Harry. I chose to just relax, and think about how much I'm happy to be home. I watched the boats come up to the bay boardwalk. I was happy to see everyone walking, smiling. I was happy to see someone at the corner of the bay, by himslf. He was like me. Nobody with him. Well, my friends are here too. But there was something about him. He was as tall as Harry and had hair like Harry.  He was wearing a sports jacket and jeans. I walked up to him.

"Excuse me, but you look alot like my....." and there it was. A tall, brown curly hair man was in front of me. It was Harry. I cried and cried and it was just like someone put a happy moment in my life.

"I knew you'd come." Harry said, winking at the other four.

Harry pulled out a box from his pocket. Too small to be an engagment ring. But I was wrong. He got on one knee, and proposed. Here I was standing, crying, in the happiest moment of my life. I cried and we kissed at the bay that was closed off, and I hugged the others. Here I am, standing in London, an engaged woman to Harry Styles. I can just see us walking down the isle on wedding day, my dress dragging and everyone smiling.

That night I came up to my bedroom and thought about my future. I was getting married soon and I have a life full of surprises. I'm done going to Italy for know and I'm ready to maybe get a better job, but what I'm not ready for is to see my life in a married position. I'm only 22 years old, and Harry is 30. We live in a country house where nobody lives here but people pass by. Our lake is clean but needs some work. I don't know if I'm ready to get married. Well, let me think. I am, because I have a house that's mine and a lake that isn't, so maybe I'll just get married. I'm ready to have two rings on my finger. I'm going to have the best life. 

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