Waking Up: The Brown Curls

Harry, a typical Englishman walks the streets of London everyday. Reychel, a young woman, came to London to learn more about music and song writing.
Harry Styles, who learns about Reychel, helps her find her way through this career. The two friends are really coming closer together, but will they always just be friends?


8. The Day Before

Reychels POV:

Today is the day before I get married. I'm going to walk down an isle with a white dress and a bouquet of flowers in my hands. I'm going to have more than one ring on my finger. I'm going to have one that shows that we've been friends for many years and now it's time to become more than that. And another ring, resembling how much we've enjoyed over the years and now to have a life together full of happiness and joy. But after this, I'll have a famous singer as my husband. A boy who will accept me for anything. No matter if I'm fat or skinny. No matter if I'm having a good or bad day. No matter if I'm to busy to talk to him. He will love for the way I am. There will be no such thing as "I hate you" or "I don't like you." We are a team, and we will never give up.

I ran down the stairs, seeing Harry in the kitchen. He sipped some coffee and walked out to the deck. I ran down  and grabbed a mug, pouring a brown liquid into my mug. I walked to the door and saw Harry reading the newspaper.

"Good morning, Harry." I said, walking towards him. He smiled, getting up and hugged me until he spoke.

"How are you?" he whispered, holding my hands.

"I feel like a shining star." I said, looking into his eyes. he smiled and we sat down.

"Harry, I want to talk about our future." I said, sipping some coffee.

"Okay. What do you have in mind?" he said.

"Well let's talk about kids." I said, crossing one knee.

Harry looked surprised. "Kids? Already? We aren't even married yet. Let's jusst see what happens." Harry said, not caring.

"Harry, we have to have kids some time. It will be boring with no kids." I whispered.

"Reychel, I'm not ready for kids. We're not married yet." Harry said, getting up.

I stopped him. "Harry, what's the problem? Why won't you tell me?" I said, letting go of his arm.

Harry got closer. "I think it's too much right now. We're on tour for the next year and then I'll be almost thirty-two." Harry said.

"That's why I want to have kids now. If we have them now, we won't have to worry about them later."

"Reychel, we aren't having kids now." Harry said walking away from me.

I shed a tear. Will we ever have kids?




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