Waking Up: The Brown Curls

Harry, a typical Englishman walks the streets of London everyday. Reychel, a young woman, came to London to learn more about music and song writing.
Harry Styles, who learns about Reychel, helps her find her way through this career. The two friends are really coming closer together, but will they always just be friends?


6. My Shining Star

Harrys POV

My life was changed. I'm now the first band member to be married.  I was the first of all to be married. I'm now taking a chance. My life is going to be with Reychel for the rest of my life. We will have kids and live in the same house. It's time for me to look up and say,"it's my life", because nobody has to tell me date her or ask her, because now I'm married.

Reychel is my shining star. Her nails glisten and her lips glitter. Her shirts are bright and jeans are dark. But if you had a perfect star, it would be bad to live by because it's perfect. Who's your shining star!

"a real girl isn't perfect and a perfect girl isn't real."


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