Waking Up: The Brown Curls

Harry, a typical Englishman walks the streets of London everyday. Reychel, a young woman, came to London to learn more about music and song writing.
Harry Styles, who learns about Reychel, helps her find her way through this career. The two friends are really coming closer together, but will they always just be friends?


1. The UK Without Reychel

Harry's POV

I wake up everyday I wake up and nobody's on the other side of the bed. Either I always text her or call her, but she can't talk for long. She always has to go to a meeting to discuss architecture, and seems she cant find time for me. I miss Reychel so much. Her long, brown curly hair and little cute face and painted nails. Her sneaker and tight jeans walking around the little house on the country side. Reychel is my little piece of sunshine that means the world to me. I just want to touch her. Even if we hold hands for the smallest amount of time, it's still time together. 

"I miss you, Reychel." I whispered to myself, shedding a tear.

I got out of bed, walking to the kitchen Reychel and I had painted before she left for Italy. I grabbed the coffee that sat in the coffee maker and dropped a few drops in my mug Reychel had made for me for our six month anniversary. Just about everything Reychel and I had made together. We built a deck, we built a picnic table that sits on our yard. But most importantly, we made a friendship to last forever.

I traced the heart on the coffee mug. I looked out the window, tapping my hand on the wooden round table.  I stared at the cabinets on the red wall. I thought of Reychel. I enjoyed her flute playing while I was building those cabinets.

"Reychel, please come home. I miss you." I said again, shedding another tear.

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