If only he knew

This story is about a girl, living in a small town that has a big dream :)


1. Meet Darcy

Chapter 1

Hi everyone my name is Darcy Rose , I live in a small town called Oakville in Canada. I have 2 brothers named Will and Nick and no parents, and I guess you all want to know why I have no parents. Well, let's just say they are in a better place, anyways I also have a huge crush on someone you all know very well. His name is Harry Styles, yes the Harry Styles from One Direction. I bet you are all saying that I am probable a fan or something well, I am but me and Harry have a history that nobody know's about. It all started when I went to go and visit my cousins in Chesire, England I was 13. We went there for Christmas, and let me tell you Chesire is one of the most beautiful places to go for Christmas. We have been staying with for 5 days now and it was early in the morning and my aunt asked if and my cousin Jake and I if we could go and get the mail. Of coarse we said yes, so we put on our jacket and boots and we headed out to go and get the mail, the mail box was far away from there house so it was a long walk. When we finally reached the mail box Jake being the forgetful one forgot the keys for the mail, so he had to run all the way home to get them and leave me all alone. Oh, and by the way Jake is one year older than me so he was 14 then, so while Jake ran home I was left there all alone like a lost puppyon the streets's. After, a couple of minutes I heard some shuffiling comming from my left, I thought it was Jake so I was about to takel him to the ground when I noticed it wasn't him. It was a boy with big mob's of curls and green periceing eyes he looked about 15 years old, when he noticed me staring at him he just smiled. He introduced himself as Harry, Harry Styles so I did the same I said a little hello and my name Darcy Rose.

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