Never Ending Road

14 year old Macy Bell never thought she'd win the town talent show, much less a record deal! On her journey to fame she meets new people she'd never thought she'd even see in person. She loves everything about it,well except one thing; Management. They always tell her what to do! This story covers many years of Macy's life, best friends she meets, boyfriends, and tours.


5. Um, Can Someone Wake Me Up Now?


        The first thing I did as I left the building, was scream. Over the phone. To Kate. It went a little like,"Macy?"

   "KATE! GUESS WHAT!" She was a bit calmer," Hun, chill! What happened?" 

    "I GOT A RECORD DEAL!" I yelled through my phone. "OHMYGOD! I KNEW YOU COULD DO IT!" Kate screamed back. "We're on our way to pick you up. Be ready in 10 minutes!" I rushed out before hanging up and having the same conversation with Shelby and Jessica. (Jordan no longer exists)

 "I seriously can't believe one of my best friends has a record deal! This is absolutely crazy!" Shelby told me walking into my house. "The only sucky part is that I have to drop out of school and get a tutor."I explained the deal. "Aww we're gonna miss you M!" Jessica yelled. " I know, I'm going to miss you too!" I replied to all of them. "I have to move tomorrow too," I quietly mumbled. "What?!" Kate screamed questioningly. "To LA," I slowly finished, explaining the worst part of my deal. We spent that afternoon packing and talking of all the fun times we had had together growing up and promising to Skype every night. That was the last day I spent with my best friends. 


*2 years later* 

 (Sorry such a huge skip! I'll make up for it!)


So, today is my 16th birthday, I'm in London, and in 6 hours I have a concert! I'm on a world tour right now and I really miss home, but all of my family is flying out for my big day, so I'm really excited! My manager said I have a special surprise for and after my concert so I'm even more excited! Right now, I'm in a mall shopping for my dress for the after party tonight. It was 12:30 and I was starving so, I headed over to Nando's to get lunch. "Macy! OHMYGOSH Macy is that you?!" I heard a scream followed by running. Oh great, I love my fans but, I really wanted a chill morning. Suddenly, someone put their muscley arm around me and called back," No, this is Amanda, my girlfriend." I looked up only to see a flurry of blonde hair in my face. "Oh my gosh, what are you doing?" I whisper-yelled into his ear. "Shh, I'm saving you," he simply replied. "Oh I'm sorry, she looks a ton like Macy Bell from behind." My fan explained, "It's fine, she does hold a small resemblence." The mysterious boy told her, steering me towards Nandos. It sounds like an Irish accent, even though I was in London, weird. As we entered the restaurant, I finally got a look at this boys face. Oh. My. God. Kill me now. Niall Horan is holding me in his arms, leading me into Nandos, and just saved me from a fan. "Niall?" I questioned him. "Macy! It's good to finally meet you!" "Wait, you know who I am?" I asked in shock. Sure it's been 5 years since One Direction came out, but they were just as popular and I still loved them with all of my heart. "Of course! I'm a huge fan of yours actually! I have all of your songs downloaded on my phone!" He smiled down to me, "I have yours too! Oh my gosh we're twinkies!" I laughed. Niall soon joined in with me. " Hey, can I get you something to eat?" "No, it's fine, I was going to get some anyways," I responded. "No, I insist!" he replied quickly. "Okay fine, but I owe you!" I laughed.  And that's how my life changed forever...

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