Never Ending Road

14 year old Macy Bell never thought she'd win the town talent show, much less a record deal! On her journey to fame she meets new people she'd never thought she'd even see in person. She loves everything about it,well except one thing; Management. They always tell her what to do! This story covers many years of Macy's life, best friends she meets, boyfriends, and tours.


3. Tonight's the Night!

As soon as I walked through the door of my house, I ran to my piano. Both of my parents were at work, and my brother, Blake, was on a plane coming back from Lubbock, where he went to Texas Tech University.  Once I got to my piano, I turned it on along with my microphone. I wish I could sit here and describe how amazing my piano and mic are, but all I can say is that they are both black, and work really well!! I started playing some Adele and basically sang my heart out. Next, I started to practice my songs for tonight. Once I felt confident enough, I thought I should start getting ready. It was 6:00 and we needed to leave by 7:30. After I took my shower, I put on my grey, skin tight dress that had large, faded stripes in it. It went to about the bottom of my thighs, but since it was winter, I wore black tights and black uggs. " Macy, I'm home!" my moms voice echoed through out our huge house. "Hey mom! Start getting ready! We are going to need to leave soon! Do you know when Blake and Dad are getting home?" I asked. " I will, I know, and Dad just picked up Blake from the airport, they'll be home soon," she reassured me. I went back to getting ready by putting on make up with a little more than usual, I wanted to make a great impression tonight, so I did everything better than normal. Next, came the hair. I had no earthy idea what to do with it, so I simply put a white, lace, wrap-around headband on and left  it down to dry naturally.  " MACY! get down here and give your brother a hug!" I heard Blake yelling up the staircase. "BLAKE!!! You're home!!" I raced down the stairs as fast as I could go without tripping and ran into his already open arms." I missed you sooooooo much!" I told him, stretching out the "o" in so. " I know, it's been crazy! I've missed you too, Mace!" Blake said into my hair that was all over his face. Blake was really tall and I only went up to his shoulders. His hair was black and straight, he had sort of long hair, but it didn't go near his eyebrows. He had dark brown eyes, and many people told us we looked a like or that if we were the same height, we'd be twins. Personally, I completely disagree with this statement. Blake was already ready to go and so was my dad, who I had already greeted. Now we had to sit and wait for Mom.

Once we arrived at the auditorium, I ran to find my friends. They all wished me good luck and told me I'd do great. I was very nervous, but seeing them made me feel a ton better. All of the sudden, the lights starting blinking, telling me it was time to go backstage.  

" Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to Westview's first talent show! I'm Cynthia Ross, your host for tonight!! I am so pleased to announce one very special guest! Tonight, we have talent scout Andy Walkers in our crowd! He hasn't promised anything yet, but you never know, one lucky contestant could go home tonight a star!" 'Oh my gosh, thank you so very much Ms. Cynthia Ross! Did you seriously have to say that?' I thought to myself. I had just become about 100 times more nervous! I knew there was a special guest, but I didn't think he'd be so important! Half of me was plain freaking out, while the other part of me knew I had to be amazing if I wanted any chance of becoming a star. My thoughts were interrupted when the host starting speaking again, " Now, without further a due, let's welcome Jasmine Rose! She'll be playing Lady Gaga's Bad Romance on her violin." The crowd cheered and she took the stage. I knew I was the last person to preform, but I completely forgot how many people were actually participating. I was deep in thought and about an hour had passed when a big man wearing all black with a headset on approached me telling me I was the next act. I started to practice in the little room I was waiting in to calm my nerves. "Ladies and gentlemen, tonight has been filled with many great acts and I am sad to announce that we are coming to an end. Our last act before our special encore is Macy Bell! She will be singing and playing on piano, Pearl by Katy Perry." I nervously walked on stage, waved to the audience, and sat down at the piano. I was amazed at how the grand piano seemed to fit my hands perfectly. I took a big breath and began. "She is a pyramid, but with him she's just a grain of sand. This love's too strong like mice and men, squeezing out the life that should be let in. She was a hurricane cane-cane-cane." I belted out the lyrics to the song as I moved my hands around the piano keys gracefully. I really try not to brag, but if there is one thing that I will brag about, it's my voice and my playing.When the song came to an end, I stood up and bowed. The reaction I got was incredible! I received a standing ovation with everyone in the room cheering. I even spotted the talent scout guy clapping with a huge smile on his face. I'm pretty sure that was a good thing! I couldn't stop smiling the whole time I was on stage. I slowly walked off the stage and everyone backstage congratulated me. I said thank yous to everyone that complimented me. " Wow, that was impressive! Well, ladies and gentlemen I think the person that will preform our special encore is pretty obvious. Okay, everyone let's bring back to the stage 14 year old Macy Bell!" Oh my goodness! Did I seriously just hear that? " Hey, go back on stage!" some girl told me smiling while giggling at the expression on my face- complete shock. I suddenly unfroze, nervously smiled up to her and raced back to the stage. " Macy, what do you think you are going to sing for your encore?" Ms. Cynthia asked me. "Uh, I think  I'll go with Titanium by David Guetta!" I replied nervously. " Excellent choice! Well I'll let you have at it!" I watched as the rather plump lady walked off the stage. I decided to go acapella on this one. I took a giant breath and began. "You shouted loud, but I can't hear a word you say. I'm talking loud, not saying much..." I went through the song dancing and having a blast. Again, when I finished there was a massive applaud. I smiled,bowed, then headed backstage. " Ladies and gentlemen thank you all so much for coming! However, I am sorry to tell you the show is over. I want to congratulate all of our acts! They were all amazing! If you want, you can personally congratulate all of our acts in the lobby! They will all report there to see fans! Thanks again everybody!" Now I headed to the main lobby, like Cynthia said to do. 

I entered the area that was known as the lobby and looked for my family and friends. I noticed one man in particular making a bee-line straight for me. He had short blond hair with blue eyes. He was wearing a formal, grey, business suit. I figured he seemed important so I sort of met him half way. He stuck out his hand for me to shake with a huge, perfect smile. " Hi, I'm Andy Walkers!" Oh my gosh! "H-Hi, I'm M-Macy Bell!" I stuttered. I nearly started hyperventilating, I mean this was that talent scout! " I know! I think you are a fantastic singer! I would really love to hear more of you, also I really enjoyed your piano playing!" He told me with his glittering eyes." "Really? Wow, thank you so much!" I smiled back at him. Suddenly, Mom, Dad, and Blake appeared behind me. "Who's this, Macy?" My dad asked. "I'm talent scout, Andy Walkers." Andy introduced himself. With a look of shock on all of my family members' faces, he continued," I was actually just about to offer your daughter a record deal!" I think that was the moment when my mouth dropped forming an 'o' shape. Andy just started laughing and pulled out a small piece of paper. "Here's my card. If you like the idea, give me a call and we'll schedule a meeting." I accepted the card and told him I would be more than happy to schedule  meeting and that we'd call him soon. With one last perfect smile, he left. " Okay, did that really just happen?" Blake asked slowly. All I could do was nod a simple 'yes'.  

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