Never Ending Road

14 year old Macy Bell never thought she'd win the town talent show, much less a record deal! On her journey to fame she meets new people she'd never thought she'd even see in person. She loves everything about it,well except one thing; Management. They always tell her what to do! This story covers many years of Macy's life, best friends she meets, boyfriends, and tours.


4. Life Changes

We walked into the huge,black, marble building. It was ten o'clock on Saturday morning. We are here to meet with the one and only Andy Walkers. I really didn't know what to wear, and when my mom to dress formal, I decided on black skinny jeans with a nice, navy knit sweater. I wore my hair as usual, down with my natural curls flowing.

We walked up to the front desk to find a woman with dark hair pulled into a tight bun. She had bright blue eyes, and looked about 40 years old. She was wearing a dark grey suit, with glasses on her face. Once she looked up, she smiled kindly to my mother and I and asked," Hi, welcome to Davidson Recording Studio and Offices. May I help you?" " Um yes, actually you can. We are here for a meeting with Andy Walkers." My mother spoke to the lady behind the desk. The woman looked through her computer and looked up," Name please?"  " I believe it should be for Gwen Bell and Macy Bell." Mom answered. I was standing behind her looking around nervously. This was a very nice place, it even looked like they had a Starbucks on the other side of the lobby. "Ah yes, your appointment is at 10:15. You can wait over in those chairs until Mr. Walkers is ready to see you" She spoke, pointing to a group of chairs close to the desk. We thanked her and headed over to our seats. " I still can't believe this is happening." I stated, speaking for the first time since we had entered the building. " You deserve it. You've been working at this since you could talk!" Mom told me. " Thanks Mom," I started smiling, thinking about how when I could barely even talk I would put random noises together with a random tune. " Gwen, Macy?" a strange voice interrupted my thoughts. My mom and I looked up at the same and stood up together. "Follow me," he told us. I started walking after him, Mom following me. He lead us through many hallways before finally stopping at a grey door. "Right in there," He smiled and walked away. I reached the door and knocked on it hearing," It's open!" from the inside. I opened the door and walked inside. Mom shut it after she walked through the doorway. "Oh hey! I'm so glad we could meet again!" Andy flashed his perfect, glittering smile at us. " Hi, I'm glad we could too!" I smiled. "Sit, sit! And let's get down to business!" We both sat down in the chairs in front of his desk. " So Macy, I was extremely impressed by your performance last night. I really think you could go somewhere with it; that's why I wanted to offer you a record deal. At first everything would be slow, and we'll mainly be recording song after song and maybe even writing some songs. After maybe 5 months or less you would be playing concerts all over the country; with in a few years, you'd be traveling throughout the entire world!" I sat there shocked. It was all I could do to nod a yes. Mom was quick to get over her shock," I think this is great. Would Macy be payed? Where would she stay?" my mom asked. " We would cover all of the costs, she would have her own tour bus, and she could stay in a variety of different hotels. To answer your final question, yes she would be payed. Your entire family will receive plenty of money," he smiled," All you have to do is say yes and sign some contracts." "We'd love too!" I nearly shout. Mom also agrees, so Andy pulls out some papers from his desk, looks up and smiles," Great! I've already written out the agreements and your contract."  He hands my mom the papers, and she starts reading through them. About 10 minutes later, she looks up," May I have a pen please?" Andy smiled a huge grin causing me to do the same. " Of course!" He hands her the pen and she starts signing things, she looks over at me, hands me the pen and says," I think this is a great deal, all you need to do is sign here, here, and here!" She pointed to three blank spots on the paper. I took the pen and neatly wrote Macy Elizabeth Bell on each line. "Great! Now a couple more things before this meeting is over. Macy, I would like to introduce your new manager, Liz Childers!" Right as he said that, a dirty blond haired woman walked in. She was gorgeous, she looked about mid 20's and had perfect green eyes, a tiny body, and amazing mid-back length, layered hair. She was wearing an outfit close to mine, except her shirt was red, and instead of wearing uggs, she was wearing red heels to match her shirt. She smiled down at me and said," You must be Macy! I've heard all about you! I'm so excited that I'll be working for such a talented person!" Wow. She was also a great charmer. "Hi, yes I am Macy! It's great to meet you! I'm really thrilled to be working with you too!" I beamed. My mother also got acquainted with Liz, while I was still really over whelmed that all this was happening, so I just sort of stood there smiling. I guess I was day dreaming, because suddenly, my mom was snapping in my face telling me it was time to go home. Everyone in the room started laughing, so I did too. After saying goodbyes and thank yous we left the building and went home. "Well, I think your life will be changing pretty soon little girl!" My mom told me in the car laughing. I nodded and laughed along with her. 

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