Never Ending Road

14 year old Macy Bell never thought she'd win the town talent show, much less a record deal! On her journey to fame she meets new people she'd never thought she'd even see in person. She loves everything about it,well except one thing; Management. They always tell her what to do! This story covers many years of Macy's life, best friends she meets, boyfriends, and tours.


2. I Think I'm Going to Die.....

(A/N) Just to let you guys know, the chapter name isn't literal!! Haha! Enjoy the chapter!!  - A 


I finally  arrived at my nice? school. As soon as I walked through  the door, I ran to one of my best friends, Jordan. She  had shoulder-length very dark brown hair, an incredible  tan and really beautiful brown eyes. She ran up to me screaming," Macy, Macy!!!!!! Hey girly!!!!  I bet someones excited for tonight!!!!! Well, besides me!!!" Goodness, how does she have this much energy at 8:00 in the morning? " Hey Jor! I know!!! I can't wait until tonight!!!" I replied about 20 times calmer. " JORDAN!!!!!!! MACY!!!!!! Get your butts over here!" and there comes the sassy one,  Kate. She is  beautiful, with her silky brown hair, gorgeous brown eyes, and her skin. It's a perfect combination of black and white, she's mixed and we always call her our " little oreo". " Hey Kate!" Jor and I yelled together.  She came and gave us a three-way bear hug. She's also the affectionate one!  We were in our school cafe waiting for 1st period to start. Jessica and Shelby both failed to join us, they were always late to school! I would be in their group, but I have to ride the bus to school, sadly. We were talking about random things and about tonight, when the school bell rang. " Bye, guys!! See ya later, love you!!!" I yelled as I  ran to my locker. " Bye Mace!!! Love you too!!" They both yelled to me. I waited for Jessica and Shelby in my math class, 1st period.

 "MACY!!!!" there comes the familiar voice of Jessica. "Jess!! Hey girl!!" I yelled back. Jessica was extremely active and hyper, I really don't think I've ever been bored with her before! She had sort of strawberry blond hair that went a little past her shoulders, it was pencil straight, too. She has a small tan, with a small amount of freckles scattered across her face. "Wazzup?!?!" she basically screamed in my face. "NOTHING, AT ALL WHAT ABOUT YOU?!" I  yelled in her ear. "AHHH to loud!!" she ran to the other side of the room while I sat down in my chair smirking. "What's wrong with her?" Shelby asked as she entered the room. " Um,  a lot!" I answered laughing. Shelby put her books on her desk and came over to mine. Shelby was what we referred to as a model, she was really tall with straight dirty blond hair. She had small freckles going over her nose and cheeks. with brown eyes, and a perfect smile. Once Jess came back to my desk, we talked about pointless things until class started. 

"Oh my gosh, this day won't ever end! I think I'm going to die!" I complained during 8th period, the last period of the day. "Relax, Macy. It's going to end in about 15 minutes!" Jordan snapped. I had been complaining all day, and Jordan finally had enough. "Besides, you are going to do great, so just shut up all ready!!" " Thanks Jor, sorry I've been driving you crazy all day!" I apologized. " It's okay, Mace. Just PLEASE calm down!" she replied laughing. "Yes Ma'am!!" laughed along with her. 

* Ding Ding Ding*

The school bell finally rang, telling me school was over. I think I nearly screamed I was so happy! I raced to my locker and put all of my things in my bag, and ran to the bus.


Hey guys! Hope you enjoyed it! Ill be updating tomorrow most likely or tonight!! Love Y'all!! -A

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