Never Ending Road

14 year old Macy Bell never thought she'd win the town talent show, much less a record deal! On her journey to fame she meets new people she'd never thought she'd even see in person. She loves everything about it,well except one thing; Management. They always tell her what to do! This story covers many years of Macy's life, best friends she meets, boyfriends, and tours.


1. Finally the Day

    (A/N)  Hey guys! If you were wondering, this is a One Direction Fanfiction. However, sadly, they don't come in for a while. I hope you enjoy it! 


  It was finally here! It was Friday and tonight I would have my chance. I slowly got out of bed, turning off the alarm that was blasting my One Direction playlist out. (Yes, I am a Directioner!) Before I go any further in my story, let me tell you about myself. I'm Macy Bell, I have long, curly, dark brown hair with light brown eyes. I'm not your type of model skinny, but I'm very far from fat. I'm not gorgeous, I'm pretty plain and simple, but I do think of myself as pretty. I'm 14, I attend Westview Tate High School. I'm a freshman. I wouldn't necessarily say I'm super popular, I mean I am a bit popular, but I'd say my friends and I are the most popular group of girls in our grade. Anyways, back to my story.

          I walked to my bathroom like a zombie- as you can tell I am NOT a morning person! I slipped my contacts into my eyes, then headed to my dresser to pick out an outfit. I wanted something nice, so I decided on a pair of my dark wash skinny jeans, and my favorite green, striped, knit sweater.  I worked on my make-up; it wasn't a lot, I'm more of a natural beauty kind of person.Then, I tried to see what I could do to my birds nest of hair. I decided to leave it down with a simple braid in it! 

(A/N) More Later!! Sorry It's not a lot!!!

                                                         - A:)

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