Girls and their dreams

Keely, Maria, and Mary are orphans in an adoption center and are leaving after 6 years. They go with their new family to find out that they know their most favorite band in the world, One Direction. How will they react? Will they love their new home or will they wish they could go back to where they started? Will one of the boys fall for one of them?


2. Welcome!

Mary's POV

I unpacked my clothes into the large brown drawers that filled the light lavender room and then sat on my bed and dug around in my white purse for my phone. I pulled out the iPhone 5 and went on twitter. Nothing good. I was interrupted by Maria walking into my room. "Hey Nancy said there's a party tonight for us as a welcome! Ah I need help! What should I wear?!" I laughed as she drug me to her room and into her wardrobe. "Umm, I like....THAT!" I screamed pointing to a light peach dress that was loose and baggy on the top and was separated from the tiered flowy bottom by a tan belt with her perfect vintage looking Taylor Swift shoes that really showed off her gorgeous thin legs and the belt showed off her skinny waist. She smiled and nodded and pulled out the outfit. "Now about me?" I asked like a four year old, she just laughed and drug me back to my room. "Ok so now where's that dress that Naomi bought you when she went to Italy?" She was smirking at me and I knew exactly the dress she was talking about. I walked o my wardrobe and pulled out the navy blue dress that was lace t the top cut off by a white braided belt to reeal he fun flowing bottom. "Perfect!" she screamed and ran back to her room.

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