Girls and their dreams

Keely, Maria, and Mary are orphans in an adoption center and are leaving after 6 years. They go with their new family to find out that they know their most favorite band in the world, One Direction. How will they react? Will they love their new home or will they wish they could go back to where they started? Will one of the boys fall for one of them?


3. The truth comes out

Maria's POV

"I love parties" I said with a giggle. I really didnt like parties as much as the others. I always feel a little left out. I usually know NOBODY and I seem invisible, however I'm gonna act like I like it just for the sake of my friends! They really need me especially in this time.. We just got adopted and we need to be free! Mary came in being her silly little self. "Do you have your outfit ready" she asked happily. "I guess so" I said. "I can always tell when something's up" Mary exclaimed
I bursted into tears. "I miss our old home. I miss the sound of Naomi's voice when we wake up an her laugh.... Oh her sweet chuckle!" I can't believe I just explained this to her!! "Maria, I miss her too but this is a wonderful opportunity for us" Mary said with a sigh. Keely just walked in....i don't know what to say! "What's wrong?" keely asked us. Mary explains to Keely that I was upset about the party and how I miss all of my friends. "Oh Maria we all miss them......however this is a wonderful new world of great things." Keely Said with a smile. "I know" i exclaimed. Keely and Mary left the room. I decided to Skype Naomi!! "Hey" Naomi said "what's wrong" she added "I miss you" I said with a sad face! "Oh Maria come on you have a great life now!! Enjoy it" Naomi said. "Okay your right. Love you" I said!! I hung up and got ready for the party!
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