Girls and their dreams

Keely, Maria, and Mary are orphans in an adoption center and are leaving after 6 years. They go with their new family to find out that they know their most favorite band in the world, One Direction. How will they react? Will they love their new home or will they wish they could go back to where they started? Will one of the boys fall for one of them?


1. New Home

Keely's POV

Today finally my sisters and I will be leaving this place we had to call home for 6 years though it was as far from that as possible. "You ready girls?" I heard our 'caretaker' say from down the hall. My sisters are Maria and Mary, and I'm Keely. We have been here since we were 12 and we have bin ever since. I like to think that our parents abandoned us but that's not true but t feels that. way. "Yes!" Maria said running up to the closet and grabbing the box of things we had taken that had pictures of our parents in them and our family and their things. She walked to look in the mirror with her long brown chocolate hair was cascading in waves over her shoulder. She flashed a shiny white toothed smile showing off her straight teeth to herself. Mary came up right behind her and did the same but this time she had her blonde long straight hair in messy bun. I on the other hand had mid length dark chocolate brown hair that went down straight. We were al very tall, Maria the tallest at 5'7" and Mary and I weren't far behind. "You look like mommy, Maria." Mary said smiling. She wasn't wrong our sister was identical to our mom with her dark brown eyes and her long brown waves. She had the same smile and face as she did and Mary looked like both of our parents where I myself look like our dad. "Let's go. We still have t say goodbye to Naomi." They nodded and started to grab their bags. We walked to our best friend's room. We had Naomi since the week we got here. She's been there for us all of the time and she never left and we swore we wouldn't but now we are breaking our promise.

"I'm gonna miss you guys." Naomi said with tears streaming down her rosy cheeks and her eyes all blushed pink and puffy. "We will too but you can call us. We do have cell phones you know." Maria said giggling at the red-headed girl sitting in front of us exploding with tears thinking she'd never stop.  "Ok. I love you guys and you now that. Never do the things we promised not to do and always stay strong no matter what happens ok?" We all giggled and stuck out our pinkies and swore on it. "Promise!" Mary said still laughing and giggling. We said our last goodbyes with hugs and cheek kisses and then were off leaving the big fancy mansion.. I was going to miss it there, the food was great, we had huge TV's, it was always the perfect temperature inside, and the people we called family were going to be left behind in that building. I shrugged it off and felt a tear  roll down my cheek but it wasn't of sadness but a tear of joy knowing there would be a new beginning for us. We walked to the long black shiny car and put our bags into the spacious trunk. We climbed in and our mouths dropped in awe. The car was awesome! There as foo, a small flat screen, and it was very large inside. "I'm gonna miss it there." I sighed knowing that I really was going to miss it there. "We'll be fine girls. We have a new life ahead of us in London, England! We never even got to go outside there. Aren't you excited?" Maria cheered. She always knew how to turn a sad, lamentable moment into a joyous, elated one. "Well I mean I am but I'm a little nervous. What if they hate us?" Mary was referring to our new 'family'. I was feeling the same way but I knew we'd be fine and we had to stick to what Naomi said, always stay strong no matter what happens and never give up.

Maria's POV

We drove into an immense driveway big enough to fit twelve cars in it with seen large driveways at the end near the house. We departed the glorious car and walked into the mansion we could now call home. When we walked into the two large white doors there was a man and a woman with great smiles on their faces. "Hi you must be the girls." the lady said kid of freaking me out a little by her smile still spread vastly across her face. "Yes. I'm Maria, that's Mary and this is Keely." I said pointing each of us out with my index finger along the list of names. "Yes and I'm Jacob Green and this is Nancy Green but if you'd like you could call us mom and dad." I smiled politely and Mary and Keely smiled but they meant it. I don't think they felt the same as me. They were actually excited to hear this but I was kind of annoyed by it. How could they think they could replace our parents? I just rubbed it off and followed the man to our new bedrooms. He showed Mary and Keely to their rooms and mine was last being the last room going down the hall. I walked in and was stunned. It was enormous! The bed was wonderfully made with cream white walls and a gorgeous bed with a peach duvet on it with white flowers stitched in. "It's perfect!" I screeched and Jacob just laughed and followed me and sat next to me on the large bed. "So I can tell you're a little uncomfortable unlike your sisters and I just want you to know, I know exactly how it feels. I was also adopted and I know what it feels like t have these random people trying to replace your parents. All I'm saying is you don't have to love us or call us mom and dad or even like us for that matter but just remember we'll always be there for you and respect you in every way. We're here to love you and we always will Maria. Now we won't tell about this will we?" He smiled and stood up patting my knee as he did so. I smiled at him and he left. I was really touched by what he said and I loved knowing that he knew how it felt.

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