Backstage Kidnappers

Morgan, Bryanna, and Madi are just normal teens. When they go to a One Direction concert, the band disappears. The statium in locked down to try and find the boys. Everyone is trapped in and Morgan, Madi, and Bryanna must save the band using their ninja-like skills. When they get held up they think no one can save them. Will anyone find the girls and the band?


4. The Ninja Girls

Morgan's POV

Madi and I went backstage. We stopped at one of the dressing rooms and changed into our ninja suits.  We always kept them handy. My suit is pink and Madi's is a pale grey.Then we snuck into the vents and found our way to where the boys were being held. I pulled out my phone and texted Bry.

To: Bry

Come on. We're in the vent. Go to the first dressing room.

From: Morgan

A few minutes later she arrived in the vents. Bry's suit is dark orange. "Let's get this thing going," Madi whispered. I looked down into the room and the boys were sitting in five chairs tied up. I looked around for the kidnapper but saw no one  else. I opened the vent and stuck my head through. I looked around and saw no one. Niall and Louis saw me so I waved. Then I got back in the vent and lowered a rope down. Bry and Madi slid down. Then I pulled the rope back in the vent and juumped down. The guys looked freaked out. It was either because they saw three ninja climb through the vent or because they were tied up. I walked over and pulled out a dagger and cut the ropes. Our next move was getting out.

Madi's POV

We had helped the boys so it was time for a get-away. We thought of going through the vents. "Looks like we're going back through the vents," I said. "No way," Niall said, "I'm clausterphobic." "So is she but she did it," I said pointing to Bry. Niall still refused going into the vents. The only other way out was the door. It was a stupid idea, I know that. It was our only way though. I walked over to the door and opened it. Right there stood a dude. He was wearing a ski mask, and he was dressed in black. Oh and he was pointing a gun right at us.

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