Backstage Kidnappers

Morgan, Bryanna, and Madi are just normal teens. When they go to a One Direction concert, the band disappears. The statium in locked down to try and find the boys. Everyone is trapped in and Morgan, Madi, and Bryanna must save the band using their ninja-like skills. When they get held up they think no one can save them. Will anyone find the girls and the band?


5. The Escape

Bryanna's POV

We opened the door and there was a man pointing a gun at us. I ran over and shut the door as fast as I could. "Any other good ideas?" Morgan asked sarcasticly. We all looked around. Then we heard the door knob turn. Morgan grabbed one of the chairs and locked us in. "We need to find a way to get past him," I said. "Yeah? And how can we do that?" Madi replied. "I don't know," I said," Hide in the closet?" It was quiet for a moment. Then Morgan said, "Bry, you're a genius." I was shocked. "I am?" I said. Then Madi asked, "She is?" Morgan rolled her eyes and said, "Okay, you guys hide in the closet. We'll take care of the rest." The boys hid in the closet. Morgan directed me to hide behind the couch. Madi hid up in the vent, and Morgan walked over to the door.

Morgan's POV

I walked over to the door and placed my hand on the chair. I slowly moved it away. Then I opened the door and hid behind it. The man walked in and pointed the gun around. When he got about half-way acrossed the room, I pushed the door and kicked the gun out of his hand. It landed near the couch and Bry picked it up. The man started toward Bry and was right under the vent. "Now!" I shouted. Madi came out of the vent and landed on the man. He fell and Madi pinned him. Then the boys came out of the closet. "Go," I said. They left and went to their dressing rooms. I walked over and grabbed one of the ropes and tied the man up. Then we left to see the rest of the concert.

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