Backstage Kidnappers

Morgan, Bryanna, and Madi are just normal teens. When they go to a One Direction concert, the band disappears. The statium in locked down to try and find the boys. Everyone is trapped in and Morgan, Madi, and Bryanna must save the band using their ninja-like skills. When they get held up they think no one can save them. Will anyone find the girls and the band?


6. The End

Madi's POV

We changed and snuck back into our seats. Then some guy walked on stage and spoke into the mic. "Okay the man who kidnapped has been stopped by what the oys describe as three ninja... Weird... Anyway the concert will proced as planned. Thank you." He stepped down and the boys sang the rest of their set. When they were done we went back to the hotel. We went strait to bed. The next day we woke up and headed home. Bry and I planned on staying at Morgan's house for the next night. When we got to her house we went to her room. "Okay," Morgan said, "That was the best concert ever." "Definetly," Bryanna agreed. "It was also cool we got to go ninja," I replied. We all smiled. Then something came on the radio. "We have breaking news for you this afternoon. On their way to Washington DC, superstar Kelly Clarkson went missing at her hotel. Witnesses say they saw her go into her hotel room, but not leaving. When a delivery man went to deliver her dress for a party tonight she wasn't there. We will have more news as we follow this story," the women reported.

Bryanna's POV

We all looked at each other. Madi and I smiled. "Ready for another road trip?" Morgan asked. "I'll check and see which hotel she was staying at from my iPod," Madi replied. "I'll go get our suit cases from Morgan's car so we have our ninja suits," I said. I ran out of Morgan's room, out the sliding door, and to the trunck of Morgan's car. I grabbed our suit cases and rushed back to Morgan's room. "The hotel is down in Morgantown," Madi said. "Well then lets go!" Morgan exclaimed.

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