Backstage Kidnappers

Morgan, Bryanna, and Madi are just normal teens. When they go to a One Direction concert, the band disappears. The statium in locked down to try and find the boys. Everyone is trapped in and Morgan, Madi, and Bryanna must save the band using their ninja-like skills. When they get held up they think no one can save them. Will anyone find the girls and the band?


2. On Our Way

Bryanna's POV

I was bouncing up and down in my seat the whole way. I really was. It took a while because of the traffic. After a few minutes we started to play "I Spy". I went first and said, "I spy... Another tree!" "Bry!" Morgan screamed, "You watch too much-" Madi cut her off, "Okay no more I Spy. How about we play the lisence plate game." I loved the lisence plate game. I saw a Pennsylvania, punched Madi and yelled, "Pennsylvania!" Madi looked mad. "I like this game," Morgan said. "Okay, Bry why don't you just read your book," Madi said. I started reading. I had been reading the Cirque Du Freak series. Morgan was letting me borrow her books. I was on the third one. I only go through one chapter before Morgan said, "We're here." I looked around and we were in a parking lot. I grabbed my purse and got out of the car. We headed up to the stadium. The line seemed longer then the car ride. We were all super excited to get to the concert.

Morgan's POV

When we got into the line there weren't many people. We had gotten there early. There were still a bunch of people though. After aboutan hour we made it to the ticket guys. We got out our tickets and gave them to him. We went and sat down in our front row seats. We set out stuff own and got up to get some food. We each got a slushy. I got cherry, Bry got lime, and Madi got blue raspberry. We sat down and got everything set up. We put our purses and coats on ther back of our chairs and set our posters in between our chairs. Mine said, "I love you, Niall!", Madi's said, "I love you, Louis!", and Bry's said "I love you, Harry!". Then an announcement came over the innercome, "Attention directioners. I present One Direction!" Everyone cheered and the curtin went up.

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