Backstage Kidnappers

Morgan, Bryanna, and Madi are just normal teens. When they go to a One Direction concert, the band disappears. The statium in locked down to try and find the boys. Everyone is trapped in and Morgan, Madi, and Bryanna must save the band using their ninja-like skills. When they get held up they think no one can save them. Will anyone find the girls and the band?


1. Preparing for the Concert

Morgan's POV

My name is Morgan and my friends and I are just normal teens living in the small town of Bruceton Mills, West Virginia. We love One Direction (who doesn't?) and we are going to see them in concert. It took three months but we finally earned enough money to buy tickets and backstage passes. About three days before the concert we drove out to Hershey and checked into a hotel. We each got our own room, mainly because no one could share a room with someone as hyper as Bryanna. The day of the concert we had a busy schedule. First we went to Justice. I bought a pair of fuzzy boots, a pair of skinny jeans and a One Direction T-Shirt. Bryanna of coarse couldn't decide and tried on fifty different outfits. Madi just picked out a One Direction T-Shirt. She had gone shopping a few days before. After that we got our hair and nails done. When we were all ready it was about 5:30pm so we went to AppleBee's.

Madi's POV

When we got to AppleBee's, we got a seat in a booth near the middle. Morgan and I ordered the double crunch shrip. Bryanna ordered chicken fingers and we all shared hot wings. We tried to eat a little quick so we could get to the concert before it started. "I can't beleive we are going to a One Direction concert!" Bryanna squealed. "Calm down Bryanna," I said. "Yeah, we are kinda in public," Morgan said. "I kinda don't care," Bry replied. "Well let's get going then," I said. We all got the money to pay for the food and drinks and laid it in the middle of the table with the bill. Then we got into Morgan's vehicle and headed to the concert.

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